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    Do you know about your servants?

    I watched a prank video in which a governess was exposed. She was a young woman who was blackmailing a couple. She was hired by the couple to look after their only son who was about 7-8 years old. Both husband and wife were office goers and the governess had to stay in their home from morning till evening till they return in the evening. Having the husband-wife gone to their respective offices she would give sleeping pills to the child and in a few minutes he would sleep, then she would call her boyfriend and both of them would remain alone in the home. This young woman was so clever that she installed hidden cameras in the bathroom and took photographs of the lady of the house to defend herself from getting enmeshed in any problem. When the couple came to know that the woman was harmful to their family then they expelled her but she started blackmailing them. She'd already taken one lac rupees and further, she demanded Rs 2/- lac also. Then the couple contacted the prankster and he caught her on camera.
    I think servants should not be given jobs without proper investigation. Nowadays nobody can be trusted easily.
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    That was alarming behavior from the maid servant and this is the great lesson that we should not hire those who are not known or came through some source. Normally we hire the servants who are already working in the known house and they had recommended them. In fact Hyderabad police has warned the owners not to hire the unknown maids for their whole day stay and work because there is no control over their overtures and in the long run they would plan mischivious games against the master of the house and thus get benefited. Be careful with such stupid maid servants.
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    In Gurugram, most of the people hire maids and servants only after their police verification. But still, similar kinds of incidents are very common. A family who is going to hire a maid or a servant must be very alert. I also hired a maid when my son was one year old, and she took care of him till he became three years. But now really I would not suggest hiring a maid at home. Instead of that one can opt for a good daycare.

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    That is true. We can't believe anybody. It is always better to have a servant maid referred by somebody known to us so that they will not do any misdeeds.
    One lady was working in our house. She worked for about 1o years. A very gentle lady without any bad habits. She got a job in an outsourcing company and left our work. While leaving she brought her sister and introduced, Now she is working in our house. We have given the servant room to her. She stays there with her children and she works in our house and some other houses also. Once in a while her sister comes and enquires with us how her sister is working.
    We should not leave the house and children on servant maids unless we know them well. I know a case in my native place in which the servant maid deceived the old couple and ran away with some jewellery. They gave a complaint to the police. But they couldn't trace her.

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    It is a coincidence that two days ago my neighbor's house was robbed by his maid. Although such cases used to be mostly in big places, especially in metro cities, now the situation has changed and everyone should be careful in this matter. My neighbors or most of the people in our area do not know much about Mad because we give priority to the principles of humanity etc. Jobs should be given appointment only after complete information. I have only one maid for my house for cleaning the utensils, apart from that all other household work is done by family members itself.

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