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    One child norm, is that going to be reality across the country soon ?

    UP government has come up with draft ordnance to impose one child norm across the state , however the VHP has asked the Yogi govt to scrap the order. This proves that the bill would be facing the wrath from various quarters and that would be big headache to control the opposition. But one child norm seems to be good given the cost of living and the new parents unable to give time and life to their children and also good for the country as we would have able control over the rising population since many years. What is your take?
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    One child norm implementation will be difficult in our country. It is difficult to convince people from the lower class and some religions may not accept this. So Successfully implementing the same is very difficult. China has this norm. They're also a one-child norm is there. If somebody delivers a twin that is acceptable but delivering a second bay when there is a kid for them is not allowed. They will not get any benefits from the government. That is why China has better control over overpopulation increase and they are progressing well.
    In India, if the government proposes such issues, the opposition will take it as an advantage and provoke people and there will be unrest. So no government will try such proposals. VHP is not accepting the proposal made by the UP government. That itself is an indication that it is not possible to bring such rules in our country. But whatever rules implemented, they should be universal and should be common to all the religions and castes.

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    The UP government is seriously thinking to contain population and implementation of such a rule under the present situation may save our countries in many ways. The first benefit of such a measure will reach to the family with less maintenance cost in terms of bringing up of the child, less expenses on health care because of single child. If such measures are implemented in the entire country, it will definitely be helpful in mitigating food issues and resolving the employment issues of the population. The proposal mooted by the UP government, though encouraging, it may not be acceptable to the opposition parties since they would propagate opposite to the ruling party. They would not pass on the benefits of such a rule to the public if implemented.

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    The One-child norm should become a reality in India. All the people should support such a move cutting across religious and political sentiments. This is the need of the hour. Every person should think about what sort of world into which they are bringing children. Air and water are polluted. All the foodstuffs are adulterated. The entire world is going to be in the grip of one sort of pandemic or the other in the coming days.

    I will go a step further and say ' no children for some time.' Let people get married but do not have children for some time. This step is a must for the sake of the existing younger generation.

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    Nation is above everything else like religion, caste, social choices etc. We should had gone long back for the population control bill and actually it is already too late. Still with determination and will it can be promulgated in the country for betterment of all. The true citizens will welcome this move. We are not able to feed and give employment to the existing people and any increase in population would be disastrous. We are bogged down by our democratic system otherwise in autocratic or communist system it had been an easy job to apply the rule of having only one child per family. This requires serious thought.
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    It depends on person to person, when we talk about population we know that our country is having a large population and we need to manage it because it will be more difficult in the future also, but at the same time, there are many parameters involved in this matter, like family background, a person's mentality itself, their educational bach ground and most important their financial status. Most families where husband and wife both are working mostly followed one-child policy as they want to give all their time and a good build-up for their single child but in some families it is different and they believe at least two children should be there for supporting each other, some may still believe that a boy child must be in a family so in case if there is no boy child they may have more then three children's also, so it may be difficult for our country people to being one child norms.

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    The proposed bill actually suggests a two-child policy. But at the same time, there is a suggestion to incentivise public servants and others who go for a single child and this is what makes the objective and purpose of the proposal almost meaningless. If two child is made the norm and people who opt for a single child are encouraged by way of incentives in different ways, the final option would be with the people and that can lead to a social imbalance.

    Again, this would in a way create another group among the people- those who opt for two children instead of going for incentives and those who opt for incentives by sacrificing their desire to have two children. Therefore, if at all it is to be enacted, the bill should either say one child or two children. In a country that is already overflowing with groups and sub-groups of different types, I personally feel that no government should try to facilitate the coming up of another group in the future, a division as the one that has been brought up by the existing reservation system.

    UP government may be having different reasons, including excess population and also communal criteria, for bringing in such a law but I don't think it would be practical to bring in such a law at the national level, especially when we have states that have very low Total Fertility Rates even as on date.

    Would those who are supporting this move agree that Sanjay Gandhi should have been allowed to have his way when he initiated the forced sterilisation drive during the Emergency? I think the purpose was the same except that the force then and force now are a bit different.

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    @ Mr. KVRR,
    I appreciate your say but you made me wonder when you go on mentioning,

    "'no children for some time."

    I do not know whether the author is satirical or serious on his say.

    Saji Ganesh is right on the policy when mentions family having one child would have more incentives but few of the comments surprises me and my query is,
    1. Why bring communal angle that this is created to target a particular community because the bill does not basis the communal angle?
    2. If we believe India as one nation, then why differentiating on formulating this based on fertility rates at states level or further on sub regional levels?

    I do not get how come this would be inessential when implemented at national level?

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    KVRR made valid suggestion and that holds good, over to PM Modi.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    New proposed bill getting different reactions from different levels. Some people are raising a question when there is no population explosion in our country then why such new laws are required. I don't see any problem in these laws, however, those who have more than two children will face several problems like:
    - They will not be entitled to have Ration facility. All poor people will be badly affected. Generally, rich people don't go to ration shop and government employees are not entitled to avail this facility.
    - They will not be promoted if they are in government sector
    - They can't contest local body elections.

    I think it should be applied to all people in the country. If they are working in private sector they should be demoted and if they are retired and getting pension then their pension amount should be reduced by half.
    Moreover, they should be deprived of their right of the vote as well as contesting any election.

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    In spite of the suspected agenda behind this proposal, I support the one-child norm. The incentive is a bad idea. This is for own good and there need not be any incentive.
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    "Some people are raising a question when there is no population explosion in our country then why such new laws are required"

    Wondering what logic says this?

    We are carrying 3% of the world's drinking water but we have 16% of the world's population. Adding,
    "19% of world's people without access to clean water live in India ...the highest in the world."

    A specific group always busy hue & cry for,
    Not enough job.
    Not enough food.
    Not enough drinking water.
    Not enough good education.
    Not enough medical facilities.
    Lack of basic amenities like the food and shelter.
    Lack of infrastructure.
    Etc etc.

    Either the above are the facts, or these are not the facts but I believe that whatever policies a certain section always having a problem.

    Do you also believe so?

    @ KVRR
    What do you feel what is the suspected agenda?

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    @Ved Prakash Anand:

    "We are carrying 3% of the world's drinking water but we have 16% of the world's population. Adding,
    "19% of world's people without access to clean water live in India ...the highest in the world."

    You have an objection that:

    "A specific group always busy hue & cry for,
    Not enough jobs.
    Not enough food.
    Not enough drinking water.
    Not enough good education.
    Not enough medical facilities.
    Lack of basic amenities like food and shelter.
    Lack of infrastructure.
    Etc etc."

    Do these people who are making hues & cry for not having clean water are right? Ain't they?

    The issues that are not in my hands I take them lightly because I have no option but to take them as they come.
    Do you know why VHP is opposing these laws? I hope you will explain it.

    I don't see any problem with these laws, rather we should welcome them.

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