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    Not everything that in everyone's opinion may be correct.

    Everyone writes their opinions within the boundaries of their desires. Those who benefit in some way to us are good. Those who are not are bad. That will be the general principle that is the basis of most people's opinion formation.

    The narrow mindset of 'what can I get' should not be the basis for our opinion formation. Mainly when evaluating the governments and so on. Governments' performance is being overlooked and neglected because of narrow-minded opinion-building.

    It is also not good to go out and test the enthusiasm of others without examining one's zeal. No doubt, one who believes in their zeal can grow and prosper with continuous effort no matter who they are or what government is ruling.
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    Opinion, after all is opinion. Yes, it comes from on'es own thoughts , experiences and expectations.
    Opinion reflects one's thought process and even character. One should express opinions, even in virtual space, just as the way one will tell things in a face to face interaction or in a real meeting or debate etc. Anonymity should not give one a wrong sense of insulation.Even in social media and other virtual space, one should practice decency, civility and moderation as one would in the physical world.

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    When in the family of four the opinions differ, how can we expect the opinions would same in the society, state or the nation. Because each one of us view any issue or the matter as per our gathered information and interpret the same with our volume of experience and thus the difference of opinion is seen.More over when we do not like the person and if he is on winning side and sustained with more positive happenings in life, we stoop to the level of allegations and mudslinging and that is called negative opinion propaganda and that is dangerous because the damage caused to the name and fame cannot be restored back as this world fast believes on negative sayings on the person. So next time when you give any opinion please ensure that you are not hurting anyone who has done nothing wrong to you and no where concerned in your life.
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    We should not go in the opinion of the others since at any point, we may urge in the different way in our family even. For the same person, the opinion of the people will differ due to the many reasons and we may not be aware of such opinions in giving a positive opinion of the said person. While making any opinion before the public, we should be a little bit cautious while giving any bad remarks to a man since the bad remarks flash instantaneously and it may reach to the person concerned. We should keep this thing in mind that any comment in favour of the said person may not reach him but the bad comments against him will definitely reach to him spoiling the personal relationship further.

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    I agree with the author. What I get should not form the basis of our opinion. The opinion should be formed based on the issue and the merits and demerits of the issue. In some cases personally, we may get benefitted and in some cases may not. We should not bring personal issues in making the opinions.
    Whenever the government makes a rule, we will see how it will affect us. But we should see what are the advantages for the society by that rule. The ruling party and the opposition parties also should see the nation's interest but not their party's interest.

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    Opinions will vary because different people look at the same issue differently. If one thinks about what she/he will get from something then the person will form an opinion based on that, one who will think what everybody will get from a policy will have another opinion, one who will look into the aspect of corruption will have another set of opinion, etc. But to solve an issue there should not be a difference of opinion among the persons involved in finding a solution. The performance of any government is assessed based on its actions on many fronts though there are some important parameters that give a fair idea about the performance.

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    Very few people in this world might be giving unbiased opinion otherwise most of the opinions are related to the vested interests or frustrations of people. Some people give opinion in a very casual and lighter way without bothering as what people would infer from that. We should not consider an opinion on its face value unless we assess the person who has made it. Making loose comments and making casual opinions is in bad taste because it sometimes can create misunderstanding and can also mislead the listeners.
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    People have different opinion about any topic or person or politics. This is his prerogative that can't be challenged unless it contravenes from legal aspect. The author assumes that if opinion of any person benefits us he is good but if his opinion does not benefit then he is bed. I don't think so, first, we should not be impressed by any person as it leads to sequaciousness and indoctrination and we become subject to the views of others. Second, his views can't harm us if we are not blindfolded. We should criticise the governments for their wrong policies but we should praise their good policies and schemes also. It is not the matter of overlooking or neglecting the negative points of the governments.
    I think we should cooperate with the governments and should give benefit of.doubt as much as we can do, because it is easy to criticise the rulers whereas supporting them is difficult.

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