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    Why the students' pen is also decided by the schools?

    In most of the schools, the use of a pen is started from the 4th class. In many schools, students are told that they should use maximum gel pens only. Rather, in some schools, the rule is mandatory for fair copy or fair notes, gel pens should always be used. As much as my pen writing experience is concerned, I feel our writing speed is faster when we use a dot pen, on the other hand, handwriting is more beautiful in some cases with a gel pen. Apart from this, we also notice that a gel pen's ink expires relatively quickly whereas a simple dot pen's ink lasts longer.

    The work of writing is done in copies so that students can prepare better for their exams by using those notes. I don't think it will matter which pen a student is using to writes. Schools should understand that the overall development of the students than this new strange rule is more important.
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    All these norms are created by private institutions. They will have a tie-up or understanding with a seller or company. They recommend that products available in that shop or company only. The company may give some percentage of their sales to the institution management. This is very common these days.
    Some schools give the name of the shop where we have to purchase textbooks and notebooks. The school will not allow the students to use books that are purchased somewhere else. These are made for their profits and not in the interest of the student. Another thing we will notice is that they recommend costly products only. If we ask our children to go for a less costly one they will not accept it as their teachers may shout at them. The parents of the students have to take up such matters with the principal or the manager of the institution.

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    The schools are formulating their own rules and there should be be compliance of these rules from the student's end. In respect of writing both dot pens and gel pens have their different features. Life of a dot pen is more than than the gel pen and at the same time it is cheaper than the gel one. The school management is aware of this fact but is not allowing the students to have them the dot pen for the use. This is being done for the interest of their own where there is a tie- up between the school management and the seller for some commissions agreed between the two parties. The same thing is applicable to the books having the strict instructions of the management to buy all the books and stationery from a particular shop. The same trend is being followed everywhere in public schools.

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    There is a reason behind this. When children write with pencils it is easy to erase the mistakes with an eraser and at a particular class when they are quite used to handle pencils pens are introduced to make them more responsible about what they write. Since the beginning, importance is given to handwriting and it is found that using a particular type of pen which is quite delicate and requires concentration to handle while writing helps to improve handwriting. By using that type of pen one can develop a particular style of handwriting and that's why such pens are preferred. Earlier, ink pens/fountain pens were preferred and nowadays because of the less availability of such pens I think gel pens are preferred over ball pens. The author has already mentioned that by using a gel pen the handwriting looks good and that is the reason why gel pens are recommended in the beginning. When students become used to it they gradually move on to write with ball pens.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my school days when we are not allowed to use the pens up to seventh class as in those days only ink pens were in use and that would blot on the paper leaving impressions on the other side. Even in pencils we are not allowed to use the hard pencil and only soft pencils were agreed. So the school managements asking for using gel pens has the meaning because the flow of ink would be good and the hand writing is visible and improved in case of cursive writing. But the pens have come with many varieties and the schools need to change their perspectives.
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    Yes, this right, sometimes it seems like slowly all private schools are getting limited to business.

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    First, it should be kept in mind that private schools make policies or rules for students to improve the level of education in their schools and benefits for management. Books and stationaries are provided by schools or guardians are advised to purchase these things from some particular shops. Generally, schools get 70% commission on books and the same motive is about stationery and notebooks.
    When a child is in the primary section his handwriting is to be improved by the teacher, so what is good for them is used, as the author has also said about the use of gel pens. It may give good handwriting whereas a ball pen does not give good handwriting until a student has improved his handwriting skills.
    In our childhood days, we were not allowed to use a ball pen, instead, we were asked to use a fountain pen. Now fountain pen has become a part of history.

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