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    How do we behave on our group – The India Study Channel?

    Those who work with the India Study Channel, which is geared towards learning needs, are responsible for maintaining its vision.
    Until now, I thought that those who create threads and post responses in the forum of the India Study Channel would read and understand the forum thread fully and presenting their response. But it is unfortunate to see that, in some cases, some are only going through the head-line, and some are only going through the story given as an example and submitting their response. It is not acceptable as a proper action. Or I do not believe this is what the channel expects. Isn't this a learning channel? Everyone has liable to take responsibility for it. Everyone is obliged to act according to the vision of the group.
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    The author has raised some issues regarding his threads that reponses from other members do not cover the whole content of his threads. Some members write their responses about title of the thread or the story given in the thread etc. The author may be right in his complaint but when I start any threads I don't expect anything from the members except responses. How they take my threads they reply accordingly. I am never preconceived about their responses because it is their right to give response of any thread in their own way. Moreover, they are not bound to respond too. If they don't want they can't be compelled or if they write their responses to my threads as they understand my thread they are free to respond as they like.
    It is my humble advice to the author if he has to say anything about responses of other members he should respond in the same thread.

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    Arafatuzzafar, I think you got the author wrong. First of all, he is not saying about the responses to his thread only. Secondly, he is suggesting that it would be better if the members read the whole thread and then post a response, that would add value to the thread and help in generating a fruitful discussion. He is saying so particularly because ISC is a learning platform and the contributing members also need to feel responsible while posting threads or responses.

    I think you have proved his point right with your response above.

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    I agree with the author. We should post our response only after reading the thread completely and understanding the thread completely. At the same time, we should read the answers of other authors also before we post our post. Sometimes we may be failing in understanding the thread completely and the answer we give may not be felt apt by the author. A good suggestion from the author and we all should try to go by the suggestion.
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    If the threads are raised and the answers are appended, the author has every right to intervene and even ask the responder to be right on the reply. Likewise our editors are also duty bound to read the responses, whether they are as per the required question posted thereof. Sometimes the authors also confuse the members as their intention was to convey something through the good heading and in the content they would append something else and in that case even the responding members also have the liberty to reply differently. Moreover this forum is the free discussion space and we are doing so inside the ambit of rules.
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    There are some guidelines and we are supposed to behave accordingly. I do agree that some replies are out of context and we all have to be careful about that. Replying or doing anything without fully understanding it is of little use. We post threads to carry forward the discussion on the topic and for that, we need to comprehend the threads. I hope many of us do watch the talk shows hosted on various channels and if a member in the discussion panel drifts from the topic and discuss something else the viewers do not like that. Actually, that doesn't add value to the discussion and the same thing is applicable to our replies to the threads.

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    What the author has suggest is absolutely correct. We should go through the entire thread carefully prior to putting our responses. However, many people would not like to go through the entire content of the thread fully. They would make their response based on its headline. Sometimes such responses go beyond the central idea of the thread and the discussion would proceed in the different way. We can avert such situations with our careful reading and understanding the inner gist of the entire thread. We must adhere to the principles of valued discussions justifying the thread.

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    It is a very valid observation raised by the author and it is well understood that we have to response to a thread as correctly as possible getting the main idea floated in the thread and then giving our views on that which could be supportive or entirely different from the one proposed by the author. It is also possible that sometimes a member might not have got the main idea of the post and might be expressing his views in the peripheral territory of the post and in that case many times the author of the post briefly tries to bring the thread to the main course. I have seen many members doing it and occasionally write a few line to steer the thread in the originally desired direction. I also agree fully that it should be the prime effort of all of us to remain in the realm of the post as far as possible giving all the points in favour or against it. That would make the thread interesting even from the point of an onlooker who is passively enjoying the discussion.
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    I appreciate the author's observations regarding the responses of other members. Although I respect all members of ISC but still if members follow this practice in responding to threads then definitely we should work on it, as we all are an ISC family and each one of us has its responsibility to maintain quality and content dignity in our work. We should be more careful including me too while reading a thread and after getting a correct understanding of the topic than only responding to it.

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    I would like to point out that over the years, various members, including editors, have brought up this same point, but nothing seems to change as members continue in the same vein, including those who responded in those threads. If you type 'do you read the forum topic before responding' in the Search box, you will find lots of the earlier threads. I am referring to two here- Do you read full thread before Posting your response?
    and Do the members go through the content before responding?

    Also, I found one related to make corrections in what you submit, since this is also essential to good forum behaviour: Fastest fingers first not always a good thing.

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    Time and again I raised a point on this subject. There are members who read the title and respond without any good thinking. It is just to score points and keep them within the top 20 members list. I need not mention their names. It is understood if one can go through the forums to know the members. Members should improve in this aspect. Response, counter response, counter counter response would keep the forum beautiful, active and alive.
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