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    Important point- Members to please take note

    It has been observed of late that there is an increasing tendency to post messages received on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp, as forum threads which is not at all appreciable or acceptable. It is possible that the editors may not be able to check whether they are copied contents at the first instance, but posting them as if they are original content, very well knowing that they have been copied, is, to say the least, cheating yourself as a writer. Don't do it. It may be noted that such posts will be given negative points as and when the violation is noticed. It is one thing to be inspired by an idea and it is another to copy content.

    And, let me also remind our members that each one of you must feel responsible and must point out when you come across such threads so that the editors can do the needful.

    Hope I could convey the point with the required stress. Please take note and adhere to the suggestion/ instruction.
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    This is important notice shared by the author and we know ISC is free from spams and there is no place for imported contents from other sites and we are equally resonsible to report it.
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    Opening threads by seeing some posts on WhatsApp is not a good practice. If we have any original thought and if it is not a repetition we can think of making a post on that is always welcome. We all know that this site will never encourage copied content. Let us follow the suggestion/ instruction given by the author.
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    Irrespective of the fact that only two members have chosen to post their views on this thread, we take it that most of you have read and understood the message that was intended to be conveyed.
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    Today, there are so many fake items and fake informations taking rounds in the social media and some of them are very attractive and the gullible users forward them left and right to their friends and even other members of the group feeling a pride in sharing such a garbage and junk with others. This is definitely a disgusting trend happening in the social media at such a large scale. Though Govt is also now taking steps and taking actions against the defaulters but internet is a huge ocean where it is difficult to check everything for its genuineness and authenticity. So, this point brought out in the post by the editor is very much relevant in connection with clean and accurate postings to be made in ISC which is not a social media site but an educational learning site of repute. I hope all the members (Including myself) would take a note of this notice and comply with it wholeheartedly. We should avoid posting any unauthentic and misleading information here.
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    The post is relevant in the sense that we should be aware of the present trend when a lot of informations are uploaded in the social media claiming the authenticity of such informations. However, many such informations are misleading and we need to be cautious while taking the same as true. We need to take our utmost care while posting our contents in ISC ensuring that no such material has been included in course of postings. We need to maintain the decency of this channel which provides us educations in the different fields.

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    Umesh and Sheo Shankar Jha,

    It seems that you have not read the advisory properly. The reference is not to misleading content being put up here from social media, but pretending that what you have put up is some great thought that is your own but is actually not. Somebody sends you a text on WA or you see it on FB or Instagram and you merely upload the same here and everyone goes 'Wow! What a superb thread'. That is wrong is what is conveyed in this thread.

    Similarly, it is a different matter that you put up a quote, credit it to the person who has said it, and call for a discussion on interpreting it. However, when you pretend that it is some awesome quote that you came up with, that is sad.

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    The thread and the first two responses- Yet Umesh and Sheo Shankar Jha appear to be confused. This is where this thread and the response therein by Vandana ma'am, supported by previous links, becomes all the more relevant.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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