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    Are online system of examination ready to replace offline ones?

    We all are well aware of this fact that recently ICAI conducted it's offline centre based exams for CA inter and final students. Students even filed PIL in Supreme court, but ICAI was firm at its decision. ICAI in return ensured utmost level of safety, starting from social distancing to sanitization of premises. Many students Opted out from this exams, due to many reasons, some had family health issues, some had their own mental pressure, whereas some just lacked proper centre facilities at their hometown.

    Now, many centres accross the country had a different picture,contrary to what the ICAI promised to deliver. Many centres had rain water logging, a result of which students were forced to attend exams half drown in water. Some centres had no social distancing being followed.
    Now my question here is, can this whole online pattern ever replace offline one?

    No doubt there are pros and cons of both these patterns,to name some, online exams saves a lot of travelling time, papers. But at the same time, network is full of glitches, many remote areas do not have access to stable internet connections as well as many students do not own a laptop or PC, as a result this online pattern becomes unfair on their part.

    Many authorities, including The Cost and Management Institute of India's president, in an interview said that he loved this online pattern and would definitely love if it replaces offline ones. But to the contrary, in the recent examination of Cost and management institute, many students got debarred with the notice of malpractice, many students passed this exam doing malpractice from home based exam pattern and are boosting that they were able to fool the authorities.

    What are your views? Do you believe this Covid situation was an eye opener for the offline pattern or has it given a boon of this online pattern of exam??
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    I think it is not the time to completely replace online examination mode instead of offline examination mode. Especially examinations for children studying in schools online mode is not at all useful I feel. The authorities should not allow the students to write the examinations online from their house. There are chances for fooling the authorities and can pass the examination. That is why the online examinations should also be conducted in an examination hall providing computers to the students attending the examination. They can't copy-paste the answers from else where.
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    Definitely a better option, to switch to centre based online exams, but my point here is, if institutions shift to online centre based, there are many remote areas not having enough network viability. Shifting to centre based online exam, would also require a huge investment in computers as well as infrastructure, are we ready for such investment? Also, if the centre based exams are conducted that would also lead to wastage of time, the why do we need to shift to online, we can continue with centre based offline exams.

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