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    How long can you keep yourself away from the internet?

    We all have connections with the world of the internet in today's time that now it has started to seem like a common part. Until some time ago, when the internet was so unaffordable, the data of people's mobile was not always there, but only when they were working. Along with this, there was no wifi facility in every house. But today the situation is that almost every member of the family has a mobile and always has an internet and even if the data is exhausted, there is the facility of wifi.

    Can we keep ourselves away from the internet in such a situation? We are all connected to the Internet in some way or the other, and there is both a positive and negative effect. But I want to ask that if we talk about one day, then for how long can you keep the internet off on your mobile, and for how long will there be no craving in your mind to switch on the internet? In this case, now the age difference does not even matter, whether the children or elders, nowadays everyone's situation is the same for the Internet. So I would like to know about our ISC members.
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    I agree with the author that it is very difficult to live without internet. Mobile has become an integral part of life. My family members don't use internet but they mainly focus on calling to close relatives and talk for several hours from morning till night after giving gap of a few hours (between two calls)
    I see young boys and girls using internet everywhere. They are addicted to internet. They don't heed to who has come there home. If somebody is talking to them they want that these visitors should talk to other family members instead of disturbing them. All these bad manners can be observed quite commonly in young generation. Even they don't like to be disturbed by their parents. Gradually, I am trying to leave internet for a few weeks or months or at least for a few days, because I have been addicted to internet for a few months. I don't socialise with other people because of using this gadget. I am trying to.make a balance.

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    As long as I wish and I hope the same thing is applicable to everybody. Apart from connecting with people online, the internet is used to carry out many of our works in our daily lives. For me, there is no such compulsion to use the internet all the time and I use it when needed. It all depends on whether we want to use something or misuse it. Both are in our hands only.

    Let me give you an example of the compulsiveness associated with using the internet. Suppose you are on a vacation and on a particular day you went to a location where the connectivity is not at all good and you are unable to search anything on the internet. I hope you will enjoy the place and roam around with your associates rather than feeling frustrated about the internet connectivity unless you are addicted to giving updates of your every action over various social media platforms.


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    I agree with the author. These days the internet has become a part and parcel of our lives. Almost all age group people require this internet for their use.
    All individuals are having mobiles with data. That means the internet is in their hands. Now the tariff also has become very cheap and almost all the users are going for data packages only.
    Coming to my personal information, I never open the phone or the internet generally till my lunch is over. I get up at 6 AM and I will have my lunch at 12 Noon. After that only I will start using the net. Maximum based on the requirement I may be using it for 4 hours a day.

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    At the outset we are all having heavy dependence on internet for one reason or the other but we are alone responsible for our under or over behavior during the day meddling with the cell phone and browsing. For example we want to search for a food recipe but we chance upon so many new ones and thus our mind is diverted and we keep on seeing new ones and forgetting the real search. This way every matter goes into the branch matter and we keep on building our knowledge base. Some times we are also wasting our time on internet for others questions. For me the usage of internet is two to three hours in the day and I will not use often. This way I am having control over the over usage. I am totally against those who are into video calling and watching movies for hours together and that is real waste of time.
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