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    Will the BJP's Strategy of bifurcating the state of Tamil Nadu succeeds?

    The BJP is making a move to divide Tamil Nadu and form a Union Territory called 'Kongunad'.
    The DMK and the Left parties have made it clear that they will not allow the partition of Tamil Nadu. This should be seen as a move by the BJP ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

    Will the BJP's move to divide Tamil Nadu and form a Union Territory called 'Kongunad' remains a dream of the BJP?
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    There is no confirmed news about the BJP's ideas to split the state into two. These are only unconfirmed and unauthenticated news only.
    After the Telugu state was divide into two states, some regional parties in Tamilnadu wanted bifurcation. But later on, it was subsided.
    Recently new ministers were inducted into the ministry in the central government. Tamil Nadu leader L Murugan hailed from "Kongu Nadu" was also there on the list. Using the word Kongu Nadu created some controversy and we have seen many posts on social media. Taking this Congress and DMK started talking against the division.
    It may not be possible to divide the state without the consent of the State government. Of course, the Congress government in the centre divided AP even though the State Assembly refused it. Let us not worry now about this now. Nothing is there in the offing.

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    It is the wildfire news being ciruculated in the whatsapp group and that was highlighted in the news channels and thus the discussion also came to this forum. BJP or the NDA is not at all having any idea to create Kongunadu as suggested by the author. But what I personally feel that the states were created during the Independence when the population was small and less. Over the period of time the population increased across the country and TN also registered overall growth population wise and that brings in new demand for the smaller states for better invervention and development. When AP was about to be bifurcated, there was hue and cry and the AP people residing in TS would be harrased. But we are living with harmony and in fact TS has shown improvement as the new state and we are happy. So new state can be formed.
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    Such news should not be trusted until these news are officially declared by the government. Last month we were listening that U.P. will be divided. We have often heard about it that U.P. is a big state. It should be divided into three to four parts. If U.P. is divided into two parts that will be a welcome decision of the government.
    I don't know what reaction of people of the state will be if Tamilnadu is divided into two different states.

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    What is the need and where is the problem to divide Tamilnadu and form a separate Union Territory called Kongunaadu. Even after doing it, BJP is not going to gain any seat from the Union Territory. It would be a futile effort on the part of BJP. The Tamils and DMK won't allow it to happen.
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    There should be discussion and debate with the people forum of respective states which are seeking small states out of their territory and that should be passed by the Parliament and that should be final. There are big states including Tamil Nadu which need development very fast and that is not possible with the state and the center intervention is needed and if the states are made small, the development can be forthcoming without hassle.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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