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    Anyone who loves eating loves cooking too.

    Any foodie, who dreams about food and starts craving about a dish as soon as he gets a picture of gets smell of the dish being cooked, would definitely love to cook as well. Cooking is definitely a life saving basic need, but many seem to not love cooking, and are occasionally into cooking, to be precise when in need they might cook or else they would eat out.

    According to me, Anyone who loves to eat, specifically a Foodie, would also love to cook. Being able to be self dependent when it comes to cooking your favourite dish, is no less than a blessing. You don't have to be dependent on someone for good food, specially your favourite food.

    What are your views? Do you love cooking or just being a foodie?
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    It may not be true in all cases. I like eating different varieties of foods and whenever I go to a new place I prefer eating good dishes available there. But I never like cooking. of course, in earlier days sometimes I used to cook if there is a need. But I never did it happily. My wife cooks different varieties of foods as per the liking of my sons and other members of the family. But she never loves eating. She is a very poor eater.
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    In Indian society we were fed by our mother when we were children and we demanded so many dishes which she simply obliged humbly. After marriage that role was shared by mother as well as wife. So, traditionally we never felt a need to cook. Another factor is that most of us might not go for cooking as it requires quite a good work starting from preparation to final product. It requires much patience. It is also a fact that if we can learn cooking then we can prepare dishes ourselves and there is no need for getting them from outside. The outside dishes are very spicy and full of oil which is not good for our health. Very few people have real interest in cooking though most of us are fond of different varieties of food.
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    It is the fact that those who are food lovers they also love to cook on their own. Because they find fault with others cooking and to show their profess and taste statement, they would indulge in cooking and serve others. Normally the sambar is prepared with house hold ingredients or the ready made sambar powder available in the market. But the powder prepared at the home would have good ingredients and best balanced and the taste would be good. For example we add Hing power and some dania leaves that would enhance the taste. Such kind of preparations may be missing from others.
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    In my case the situation is a bit different, I like cooking more than eating, and it may quite normal for a daughter. My siblings, my nieces, nephews, and other members also love the food prepared by me, and hence I love to cook different dishes for them. I feel even happier when they praise my cooking after having it. In my family, I cook most of the breakfast in itself, which is always according to different varieties and choices of all members, as far as my own choice is concerned, I like to have simple food items only.

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    The author is right. Food lovers never lag behind in preparing dishes of their own if they time permits. They would add the ingredients in such way that the final products would ultimately enhance test. They know when to add tomatoes and when to add coriander and Hing to give the product a tangy taste. They would make the item special with the addition of kasoori methi two minutes prior to the final preparation.
    Their technique in the addition of spices at different times coupled with the cooking time of each of the spices and lastly its quantities would provide the unique taste and flavour which anyone would like to savour such taste. I must say cooking is an art and even if I make the same thing with the combination of such spices, the taste and aroma may not be achievable when the same dish is prepared by my wife due to its special taste and flavour.

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    I don't think if any person who loves to eat good food or wants to see a variety of different dishes when he takes food he must be a good cook too or at least he must be fond of cooking. I don't on what basis the author has concluded it. I don't negate the exception of any such case but I haven't the solid reason that may corroborate this claim as mentioned in this thread.
    I like to eat good food and I know how to cook food too but I don't cook except if my wife is not well, else I never cook.

    No male cook can be a better cook than a mother.

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