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    Do you like a sweet dish for breakfast?

    We all will have breakfast before starting our day's work. Many doctors suggest not to skip breakfast. Many of the working personnel prefer a heavy breakfast and sometimes they may skip lunch in the office.

    The food habits of people vary from place to place. In South India, people prefer stuff without oil and sweets as their breakfast. Idly, dosa and upma are some of the dishes they take in their breakfast. Tea or coffee also will be a part of their breakfast. But in some states of India people prefer to have a sweet item in their breakfast. When I visited a city in Madhya Pradesh, I find there people taking a sweet dish as their breakfast. I was there in that city for 10 days. Even though my preferred breakfast is idly or dosa, all those ten days I enjoyed the sweet dish in the breakfast.

    Do you like a sweet dish for breakfast? what is your favourite dish for breakfast?
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    Most of the people take normal snacks during the breakfast and not a lone sweet dish. Some people have a sweet tooth and they will like to have sweet items any time of the day. In some areas some people might be taking sweet dish in the morning like sweet milk daliya etc but it is common only in some places or families in our country. In North India, Parotha is very common breakfast item though it is being replaced by bread more often nowadays.
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    We do not have the habit of having sweet dish with the break fast however we do have sweet dish in the middle of the big meal when ever there is function or some occasion when more dishes are prepared and served. If it is some festival the Sakkara Pongal or the Akkara vadasal or even Rava kesari is must dish after the rasam it is served. But when in marriages and other function one sweet and some kara items are served. But I have seen the North India food like Puri and halwa is served or lassi is served in the end to end the breakfast. Such practice not there in South areas or homes.
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    I don't like to have sweet dish in my breakfast. I prefer to have sweet dish during lunch time or snacks time. Actually most of the member in my family dislike sweet item. So, sometimes I prepare sweet dish at home or buy from market. Mostly, I prepare sweet dish on the occasion of either festival or guest come to my home.

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    Normally, we don't take sweet dishes in the breakfasts except the tea or coffee depending upon the situation. The same thing is not applicable throughout the country. There are some parts especially the Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh regions where you would see the people enjoying their breakfasts with hot jalebis along with other items to relish the tastes. If jalebis are not accompanied, they won't have the satisfaction of doing their breakfasts since they are tuned to this item. Similarly while enjoying the breakfasts of Varanasi, kachoris are served invariably with hot jalebis to enjoy the taste.

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    I don't like to take sweet in breakfast. However, sometimes, I take sweet if it is offered on any occasion. Sweets has never been my favourite dish. In breakfast Inlike to have roti and veg, tea and some namkeen with milk, sometimes, I like to eat paratha of daal or aaloo.

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    I am not a sweet lover at all, in fact, I avoid taking sweet dishes in my food, if I have to choose something that consists of sweetness in its taste then I will prefer a bar of chocolate only. even when it comes to a cake also then again my choice is limited up to the chocolate flavor only.

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