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    Survival of the fittest

    Charles Darwin talked about, "survival of the fittest" and emphasized the evolution of new species, each one is modified and better than the previous one to meet with the changes. But this is not all about generic modification, let us change our ways of doing things and modify ourselves to cope with the changing environment. We always desire to be in our comfort zone and avoids changing our ways of doing things, opting for traditional practices, which results in our failure then we curse our luck. Ven after hundreds of failures we are doing the same just because of this comfort zone. Stop cursing our luck and curse this "comfort zone" which forbids us from achieving success. Never forget the inspiring words, that " if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I just want to quote that planning is not important but regular modifications in our plans are also necessary. So be out of the comfort zone, keep moving because only we can decide our fate.
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    Life poses big challenges at every stage and fighter against all odds emerges as the winner and rest all come behind him. Fittest to survival is a modern age theory concerning evolution of mankind. I agree with the author that we need to keep update of our planning and ways of execution of planning. New situation demands changes to cope with the new problems. We may lag behind if changes are not made on time.

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    That is true. One has to amend his ways to arrive at the desired destination. Doing the same thing again and again without understanding where we are going wrong is of no use. We may plan and execute the same. But reviewing the same and if necessary making some changes in the plan is required. People who are fit only will survive. So it is our duty to see that we will be fit. Not doing that if we curse our fate or luck it is of no use. Your success is in your hands. If necessary we may have to take required hardships. If you don't do that you will be at a loss.
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    Yes it is the matter of fact that survival of the fittest is order of the day either with money power or the muscle power. However even the talent power matters. In this competative world, every day counts and if we are weak, others would over take us and that proves to be costly because once over taken, we cannot be equal. We have to plan our ways and needs daily and if the planning is good there cannot be lossing at all. And the winners also should know that every day may not be coducive to them and they have to face the stiff competition even from the unknown quarters.
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