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    If anyone accepts only loving things, they will not grow well.

    Accepting only what you like does not give you everything you need. Essential dislikes are more significant than unhealthy desires. Some unpleasant experiences, and people we don't like increase one's survival. For those who travel only through pleasant and comfortable experiences, when getting tired, they will break. Survival will increase if one is willing to accept opponents as well. If only the worshipers are with us, self-praising will only increase.

    Nothing has formed within a day. No one will have to go through only the paths chosen by themselves. Other ways and often strangers may also give strength in life.
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    It is true. To differentiate between the things you like and you don't like you need to taste both. Many times these two are complementary and only in the absence of comfort we look for comforts. If we do not realize what is bad we won't be able to become good. There are things in our lives that will not be acceptable to us, yet we cannot also think that everything will happen according to our wishes. The more choosy you are the more unhappy you will be because in that case both happiness and unhappiness will depend on multiple conditions you have set for yourself.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Nicely said by the author. If everything what that comes in and if we like it , it may not give the right satisfaction. But what we have not expected and if we get that the joy would be massive. If the chance is abundant and varied, why we must be choosy. By choosy we may be losing the best chance that are hidden and by rejecting the offers that comes in we are negating the best moments of our life. We must therefore be acceptable to all chances and that may include even the challenge chance to which there need to rejig and work more process. So It all depends on how we take the things to the stride.
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    The author has posted his scattered views. Things that we like to get and things that we need are entirely two different things and the person knows what is preferable to him.

    Easential dislikes and unhealthy desires have their own places, effect.and requirement.

    I disagree that unpleasant experience and disliked-people increase one's survival.

    It depends on individual traveller if he will break when tired. It should not be generalised.

    If opponent exist we have to accept them and whether or not it is good for survival can not be confirmed.

    If sycophants are around us we will become more arrogant.

    Generally, we choose our own ways and paths. As far as strangers are concerned they may be helpful in exceptional cases.

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    Likes and dislikes will happen only when we experience them. Without experiencing we will never develop any ill feelings about anything. Sometimes we may be forced to travel through unknown paths also. We have to take the help of somebody or Google maps so that we will reach the destination safely. In the same way, we have to go through some hardships and unwanted situations in our life. Whether we like it or not, we have to go through it and come out successfully. That is what life is. It's never a bed of roses and there will be thorns also.
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