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    How you are going to describe an ideal day?

    I will give you a simple task and I am sure it will not take much time to complete the task. We talk about the ideal person, ideal food, ideal behaviour, etc and you can say in many cases people keep on searching for something ideal. Now when we are talking about something ideal we don't want to make it a once in a blue moon affair rather, we want it at every moment. We do a lot of things throughout the day which includes many routine tasks and one may not like doing some tasks though is compelled to carry out such tasks. Just think about an ideal day. I am sure you will never want those tasks on the ideal days and also the ideal day will not be a holiday because what is ideal should occur all the time and not on special days. Think of it. You may list the tasks that you wish to carry out on ideal days. If you have plans to make any day an ideal day you may share them too.
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    The morning of my day starts at around 5:30 and my most favorite thing is to walk on the terrace in the morning without anyone's music only. Then yoga and exercise. If no one disturbs me during this time, then each day is very good, but often after the walk, I have to take a break during my yoga practice because of many household works, which I do not like because I do not want to break my yoga schedule but have to do in compulsion. After this, I do not want any disturbance even during my writing but that also happens, which is very common in a joint family. I love cooking, so I make some dishes after worshiping every day. So the day when no one disturbs or interrupts me during my favorite activities, then every day is ideal for me. In general, I feel very happy with my family so I feel ideal almost every day and I thank God for every day and every moment and for this loving family.

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    Different people would be defining an ideal day in different manners. Most of them will like to be free from the routine and enjoy the life. But that is not an ideal way. In my perception, an ideal day is one in which we are able to discharge our assigned duties and are happy about our contribution at the end of the day. That is the satisfaction of utilising another day constructively. The remaining time is sufficient for all sort of enjoyments. I consider the occupation as the primary thing in our life and if we are occupied in a positive way nothing can be more ideal than that.
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    For me, an ideal day is a day on which all planned works are completed as planned without any deviation. We plan some works everyday to be completed on that day. We start working as planned. Some days the works will progress and we will complete all the works positively by the time we call off the day. Such days are ideal days for me. But many days work will not progress as planned but some how we will finish all the agenda. I call such days as average days. Certain days we may not be able to complete the planned works even after taking all the pains. Such days are bad days for me.
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    I don't have any specific definition for a day which can be called an ideal day. I think everyday is good for me and I wish the same for all others.
    I believe that every moment of life is valuable for me and each moment or second that is spent by us is gone for ever. It will.never return, so we should find every moment as an ideal moment that should be utilised in a positive and healthy way. We should abstain from wasting our precious moments.
    I think the day on which we get some success or achievement or something special thing that we have ever aspired for.

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    For me the ideal day should be perfect without any hassles and what ever planned must be completed and at the end of the day I must retire to bed with total satisfaction. The day begin with earlier morning prayers and if that goes well the whole day should be perfect because sometimes the current goes off at that time and I would get greatly disturbed. And while taking the break fast that taste should be good and liked. Otherwise the whole day would be bothersome for want of tasty food. Likewise the office work, the lunch taste should be good and as planned. These are small things but have great effect on our ideal day list. And the behavior of children also matters. If they would not listen to any advices, we get agitated and annoyed. Children should understand and work according to our expectations and that gives the greater ideal day happiness.
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