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    Tokyo Olympics amid corona viral disease

    In what ways this Tokyo Olympics will be different as it is being conducted in these times of the corona viral disease 2019 pandemic? Are the performance levels of sportspersons going to be affected? It seems fewer records are expected to be broken.
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    When the whole world is limping back to normalcy this Olympic game which was already over due is being held now and hopefully we must agree that all arrangements are made at Tokyo to give the security of best protocol were followed as far as pandemic rules are concerned and India has sent strong contingent this time and all of them underwent the test and required practice before leaving for the ultimate fight at the hustings amid other great sports persons of the whole. These games are prestigious and the hosting country alone can assure the safety and health of the participating sports persons. Nevertheless let us forget the pandemic for the while and wish all the sports persons to have their best talent displaced at the hustings and we are now ready to see the display of worlds best performing there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now no definite information can be given about the end of this pandemic from the world and in such a situation safety is an important issue but with this, we cannot stop the world. Already many sports have been canceled due to many lockdowns etc. The move to postpone due to the increased infection in IPL that happened in the past. But now perhaps the government and other institutions are preparing in such a way that there is no negative impact on players of this epidemic and for this, efforts are being made to provide security to the players, hopefully following all the protocols properly. Players will come to the field with full dedication to their games.

    The greater danger is from the general public, whose carelessness increases as if there is no virus. People are being found not wearing masks carelessly and taking the pandemic as a joke, such people will prove to be the biggest factor in spreading the third wave.

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    These Olympic games were planned to be held last year but due to fear of coronavirus this biggest event in sports was postponed and it is scheduled to be held now.
    India has not been a very great contender in Olympic games, , however, in a few sports like, wrestling, shooting, archery a few sportspersons have brought some medals.
    I see several small countris bag gold in Olympic games easily these countries are much ahead of us. Millions of rupees are spent on sports. I think this huge amount used properly. Young generation should be encourage to come in these games.

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    Already the event is overdue and getting postponed. Finally, they decided to have now and they may be conducting the games without any audience. Many players from all over the world are attending this and I hope the organisers will leave no stone unturned for upkeeping the safety and security of the players. The players themselves should follow all the protocols and stay safe.
    There are no practice matches and almost for the last one and half years all the players are inside their houses. So how they perform is a real issue. As explained by the author we need not expect many records to be broken this time in the Olympic games.

    always confident

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