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    When other sites are giving whopping points for login and comments

    I am also contributing to a popular newspaper in the comments daily and they used to give one point for log in and five points for the comment made and even five points for the response to my comment. But today I have received 20 points for log in and 20 points for the comment made and this implies that ad revenue accrued seems to have increased and if that implies to our site also, is there a change in policy at ISC to award more points and more cash credits to the contributions made in this forum and other sections? Please discuss.
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    Many sites are giving points for login and visiting and commenting. Times of India site gives 25 points for login/visiting each day. If you visit 5 days consecutively they give 50 points as bonus. For every comment another 25 points are credited. So far so good but the thing is what is the use of those points. I found that if you buy some high end item or avail some costly service there would be some discount in lieu of those points and I do not find any temptation in that. Those items are generally available on some discount through one or other channel. I do not know about the conversion of the points mentioned by the author in his post but until the conversion is in real terms in cash or kind it does not attract people. In ISC every point is valuable as it converts in cash through RSB or helps a member in improving his membership level.
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    The goal of every ISC member should be the quality of content and not the number of points accrued. I find it absurd to be given points just to log in! I can log in 50+ times in a day and do nothing else, not even browse through the pages of the site. Should I get 1000+ points merely for this inane activity?

    As for "comments" we already have a system in place for points in every section and, as mentioned, quality matters. A member cannot expect 20 points to put a one-line response that conveys zilch or even a detailed response that has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of the forum thread/article/AE query, etc. As for revenue, merely because you are getting more points now, it does not indicate that the site has got increased revenue. How do you know? It could just be a change in policy. At ISC, revenue will be generated not by posting quantity, but quality, so never forget that.

    I see no reason why we should ape what other sites do. Let us retain ISC's unique individuality.

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    For the points accured there is redemption scheme through products and services in other sites.
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    K Mohan,

    Are those products and services really worth the time and effort you are going to spend to constantly log in and/or post a comment? As Umesh indicated, why get tempted by these obvious marketing gimmicks to sell expensive things? Have you redeemed the points for anything? You may end up paying more than you expected. Likely the newspaper gets a commission on each product sold and is baiting readers.

    Do we want ISC to become gimmicky if not with products, with promises of more earnings if more points are accrued, irrespective of focusing on the content? I think not.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    There is a difference between other sites and ISC. ISC gives you money and you decide what to do with that. Where as the other sites mentioned will make you spend your money for utilising the points . They are giving more points means there are making you to spend more. That is their business strategy. But ISC is for education. The site is encouraging many people by giving money directly for quality posts. I think the comparison is not healthy.
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    I don't think that ISC should be compared to any other site. They have their own policies to attract their members and new visitors but ISC is a different place.
    If any website gives points to good content it is appreciable because it encourages members to contribute the website with better content but if points are given for log in, it sounds absurd.

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    Then should we begin to think that earning points is the main target of anybody surfing a website? There is a craze among many about the points received and how much they score in a mobile game and all these points and scores are for the benefit of the particular business. It must be remembered that our motto in ISC is 'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn' and we should stick to it. Scoring points just for the sake of it is of no use unless it has some purpose. On this platform, you can score points and earn CC though these two are not directly interlinked. Remember, the quality matters and not the points.

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    The purpose of raising this thread is to know whether there was any enhance in ad revenues which prompted them to allot more points.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The very purpose is to earn points with the sharing of your knowledge be it the Forum Section or otherwise. Your every point earned in the Forum Section is converted to RSB after a month and this RSB is proportional to your own efforts. Unlike ISC, the points offered by the other channels are not being encashed so as to get a lucrative discount by purchasing any items. Hence even though the points earned in other sites seem to be huge amount, in practical terms, we are not getting any lucrative benefits from such efforts. So comparison between ISC and other sites is meaningless.

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