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    Either become strong yourself or keep strong people with you.

    Some people fight their own battle and do not want to depend on others, such people do not wait for someone to come and fight for them or take a stand, these people know how to keep both their point and their rights. On the other hand, those who generally seem to have a calm nature or maybe really calm, themselves never stand against anyone, even when there is an injustice against themselves, they do not speak anything,

    But many times, such people have a company of strong people, and those strong people will not listen to even a word about them and will be ready to fight.

    Today's time is such that we will find most of the strong people in the world who cannot tolerate injustice with themselves, but if someone cannot raise his voice for himself, then it is very important to know the art of keeping the relationship strong with his strong people. This is because many times they are unable to complain to anyone due to hesitation.

    By the way, what type of people are you in, do you take a stand for yourself, or do other people are ready to fight for you because of your attractive and friendly nature?
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    What the author feels about Strong. Is it Physical strength she is referring to or mental strength? These days people who can shout and quarrel will only be on the winning spree. If you are soft and trying to keep silent people will overtake you and you can do nothing but staring at them. That is why many people keep themselves aloof and mind their business. Nobody around you will bother about the injustice you met. So we should be strong physically as well mentally. I am not physically very strong. So I keep away myself from fights and quarrels with other people.
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    Good post from the author. What is meant here that not the physical fitness but the ability to control and challenge any situation of life is dire needed and if one has that quality of being strong innerwise he can tackle anyone from the opposite no matter he is physically strong. Likewise we should hae freinds who can stand with us at the bad time and that proves our importance to them. One thing is sure being strong or keep other strong depends on the position and situation at that time and not everyone would be a winner in this matter. If those who are not strong would obviously sulk and keep low profile.
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    Yes, K Mohan Sir, you are right here I am talking about being strong inner wise.

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    Majority of people is intolerant in this age. If you are physically strong is a secondary issue, prominent thing is that you should be mentally strong and must have wealth to spend on fighting against injustice. If you are physically weak it is not a big problem, you can join gym and can make your body strong but important thing is money because you can hire bouncers and keep them around you.
    The author has suggested to have relationship with strong people who may support you in case you are deprived of your rights, then these people will stand by you against injustice. I think there is nobody who can stand by you when you need them. Everybody is happy in his life. They don't want to come out for other people. I see when people come out to support you they must have any greed or benefit for themselves. I see this reality in this world.

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    It holds good in terms of physical strength because if you are physically weak and another one hurts you physically you may call a strong person to help you out to fight back. In the case of mental strength, it may not work most of the time. If you are mentally upset about something or some people this mental state will hamper your activities though others can help you to seek justice in such cases. Though justice may be done in your favour if you lose the mental strength it will take some time to regain it and start your usual actions.

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