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    We allow ourselves to be happy.

    Recently I came across a thought which said, we allow ourselves to be happy when we want to be happy, not when we deserve to be. And I feel that is so wrong. Happiness should never be a deal. It should always come from within. Many times we feel happy but we tend to suppress our happiness in Lieu of making ourselves realise we shouldn't be happy.
    Let me put it in an example, Many times we tend to complete 1 chapter of our syllabus, that just not be enough, sometimes that might not even be what our To-do-list had, so despite being happy of at least completing one we tend to be sad about not doing the rest.

    Definitely we shouldn't feel free from rest of the syllabus. But we can always be proud of atleast starting. In life we get few moments to be happy. But we ruin that by trying to find faults on what is not achieved. We should try to accept and be happy in the moment, and not let our darker side disgrace our happiness.

    What are your views?
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    Today morning I and my wife went to a government office for some work. We both are asked to sign. We signed in the register and sat there. My wife opened her phone and start looking at various messages and she kept herself very happy taking over the phone to her friends. She is not evening thinking when they will call. But I was waiting for their call and I am not able to wait too long. But nothing is in my hands. I am worried. See in the same situation the difference between the two of us. She is happy and I am worried. So I think our actions and our mindset only can make us happy.
    To be happy or not is in our hands only. When nothing is in your hands instead of worrying about unavailable things, if we relish the available we can be happy. If you search for reasons for being unhappy you will find plenty. In the same way, you will find reasons to be happy also. It all depends on what you search for.

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    Our happiness and sorry are the results of our own thoughts and happenings to which we does not have control. Yet we can come out of the groove and be happy. The other day my friend was almost resigned the job and came home sadly but at the home the children were celebrating the birthday and the joyous mood cannot be prevented so he also mingled with them unmindful of what happened at the office. But after the celebration again he was reminded of what has happened. Meanwhile the phone came from office that they have reconciled and want to retain him and that was the double joy news for him and he ate two cakes. Here he has not revealed his resignation to them and that would have dampened the spirit of children enjoyment and later when he ate two cakes that was the time he revealed what has happened.
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    If remaining happy is the target why would you feel sad? Be happy that you have completed one chapter and be excited too to complete the other chapters. If you are happy within then you will be able to complete the chapters quickly otherwise, it will take more time. If we analyze the reasons for unhappiness it will be found that at that moment there are a lot of worries and doubts in our minds which forces our minds to work in a different way. If you can keep away such worries then you can remain happy. Whether you are happy or not is decided by you.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    We should try to enjoy every moment in our life. When we have happy moment we should not think about unhappy moment nor we should create any scene of unhappiness for others. If you have completed first chapter, obviously it gives you happiness, satisfaction and confidence also which encourages you study further and complete all remaining chapters I don't think these remaining chapters will cause any worries or sadness for you.

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    If we realize that we are the ones who create the conditions for happiness and sorrow, then there will be a joy if we can avoid the situation of sadness. Realizing that we are the cause of much unhappiness, it is always necessary to take precautionary measures to escape the grief. But coincidence often brings us sadness. But you have to be able to overcome them all with a smile. All it takes is a positive mentality.

    It may be small things that can ruin the happiness of many. Some near or dear agreed to call over the phone, and they could not do so. That may be the cause of one's sadness. If our thoughts can teach our mind that the person could not call because of their other urgency, grief does not arise. Such thoughts are positive thinking. If we can make room for such thoughts, we can keep the sadness out of our minds to some extent.

    I never think anyone's mind will suppress their happiness. Because everyone's mind loves to travel behind joyfulness. Likewise, the joy and happiness that come when one work had completed, will give the energy to move on to the next and finish it quickly and happily.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
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