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    When will people start learning from others' mistakes?

    We are told as a bit of general advice that we should always learn from the mistakes of others. Sometimes this example is given even for small things, but still, people repeat mistakes. I do not understand how some people are so careless with their lives that they do not take any lessons even after the mishaps of others.

    Yesterday, an incident was shown in the news in which some people were so engrossed in taking selfies in the boat that they did not notice that the balance of the boat was deteriorating, and suddenly the boat overturned due to the tilt of the boat on one side. There were 9 people on the boat and six of them died and only three saved their life. This is not the first time, before this many cases have come to the fore in which people have lost their lives in negligence due to taking selfies or pics, yet why do people make such mistakes.

    Never do any kind of carelessness with your life, human life is precious, we know that one day everyone has to die but do not invite it by yourself by making such mistakes.
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    When people are not repenting for their own mistakes, how come they learn from others mistake and what the author is asking a unsual behavior which cannot be expected from many. While mistakes are bound to happen and that is the stepping stone for further success, we often undermine the mistake and shy away from the place that we do not want to be blamed for the same for obvious reasons. Likewise others commit mistake because they feel it is the privelege for them to do so and we cannot learn from such mistakes which have the ulterior motives to fool the others.
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    We see many people not following traffic rules and pay fines. Even then sometimes we will violate from the rules. Even after learning the lessons if we don't follow them , in my opinion that is carelessness. We think other people are not intelligent that is why they paid the penalty. When we pay penalty only we will know that we have not learned lessons. Sometimes we even will not learn from our own mistakes. We do the sMe mistakes repeatedly and never understand that. This is more dangerous than not learning from others mistakes. If we learn from others and avoid doing mistakes we will definitely be successful in our lives.
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    Selfies has become a trend of the day. Young people are mad for it. I have also seen such videos of them taking selfies in dangerous postures and died. I saw a young boy was standing somewhere, all of a sudden a cobra came out of a hole. It errected its body with full hood and the young man made him closer to it and took a selfie meanwhile, the snake bit him and he could not get treatment on time and died. You may watch many videos on YouTube in which this stupidity was shot. I feel pity for these people who are so careless about their lives.

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