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    Central Govt employees hugely benefitted

    The seventh pay commission has recommended 17 percent to 28 percent increse in DA allowance meant for the Central Govt employees and the pensioners. This news should bring cheers in the face of central govt employees and pensioners as they are long expecting this hike and the new Minister has finalized the approval. The increase of DA proves that prices of commodiites has increased and that need to be compensated to the employees. There must be govt employees among our members and I would like to have more reactions from them.
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    I will be more happy if the prices are brought down instead of increasing the salaries of central government employees alone. The prices are common for all the people. The government is giving more to their employees. What about other people. They have to pay out of their nose for the commodities and they have to pay more taxes to see that government will have money to pay salaries to their employees. Thus we suffer in two ways. Anyhow congratulations to all the central government employees for their increased salaries.
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    This is a great benefit for government employees that they are not affected by price-hike of essential commodities and inflation in the country. If whole of the country is closed because of lockdown they will get full salary, they are not affected any ups & downs in country.
    So it should be a good news for these government employees, especially, the members of ISC who are working in government sector.

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    And why the private companies are not enhancing the salaries accordingly to price rise.
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    The central government employees and pensioners suffered without DA due to freezing of DA from 1st Jan 2020 till 30 Jun 2021 for about 18 months. And it was a great loss to them. In normal course we could have reached to receive this DA. Nothing special about it. Nothing to celebrate. Would have been nice if arrears were paid to compensate the loss. I lost about 60 K owing to freezing of DA.
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    There are always benefits for central government employees and it should be, after all, it is not easy to get a central government job especially in today's era. But at the same time, I also agree that the government should manage things properly and if giving growth in salary to their employees so definetly should think about inflation.

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    Government employees are paid on fixed pay scale according to their designation with dearness allowance. The DA are paid based on market inflation rate fluctuation. And the DA rate as on 01.01.2020 was 17% on basic pay. Due to covid-19 situation govt. has stop the increasing part of DA to its employees w.e.f 01.01.20 and fixed the DA at 17%. Thereafter there is no increase in salary of them since jan'2020. Now after one and half year the total increase of DA during that period comes to 28% which was suppose to payable to the employees during that period but not paid. The govt has decided to pay that effect from July'21 only instead of January'2020. Hence one can clearly understand who is gainer and looser.
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