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    Temple towers should sustain lightening effect

    Normally the tall towers are protected from the lightening effect and so are the big temple towers which can sustain the lightening effect be it very strong. But Dwarkadeesh temple in Gujarat seems to have affected by the strong ligtening and the flag that was unfurled on the top of the tower was torn by the effect. What I feel that big temple towers are protected with anti lightening installations which does not affect the building and this incident pose danger in future as we have many tall towers and temples across the country. Any comment ?
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    I agree with the author. There should be a lightning arresting system in place on all the temple towers. Actually, some temples were designed in such a way that the tower itself will act as an arrestor. All ancient temples will have a pointed tip on the top. And the top area itself is very less so that the lightning will get dissipated. Actually, this tip will exactly on the head of the diety so that nothing will happen to that part. But the other parts of the temples are not protected. Now many modern systems to protect the structure from lightning are developed. We can start installing them on the temples.
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