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    Wheat or rice, which is a better option?

    We hear many times different opinions about this. Some say rice is a better option. Others say wheat is a better option. Both the products are basically starch products that are rich in carbohydrates. How about their nutritional values? This is another question frequently hear.

    Rice will get easily digested due to its starch content whereas wheat may take more time to get digested. So rice eaters may consume a high quantity of rice whereas consumption will be less in the case of wheat. Probably that may be the reason some people prefer wheat over rice.

    I request our members to throw some light on this subject.
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    All comestible items are good for health. I don't see what I am taking in- vitamins or proteins or carbohydrates etc. I eat food. Generally, I take wheat more than rice because I like wheat more than rice. But if there is Biryani then I leave all esculents cooked for food.
    I have heard that in West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha rice is eaten more than wheat.
    Fish and rice is the favourite dish of Bengalis. I had a few friends from West Bengal and I saw them preferably eating rice and fish.
    In most of the families rice is essentially cooked with roti and other veg or none veg dish.

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    If this discussion comes then the availability of rice or wheat in respective areas proffered as the satisfaction meal by the concerned people. For example South India produces more varieties of rice and we are fond of rice and rice items as the break fast and naturally our consumption of rice is more irrespective of the fact that rice gives rise to more sugar level for the diabetic patients. Likewise for the people living in North, their main food is the wheat and wheat based products through which their daily routines as meal would be complete. But what I feel that South Indians cannot have the satisfaction of fully eaten without adding rice to their meal but North Indians would eat more chapathi or roti to feel full satisfaction. While the rice can sustain the hunger for at least five hours, the wheat can sustain the hunger for more hours.
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    I think the wheat is more healthy than rice, I also agree that both have been their own benefits but actually, and it depends on the area and availability of both items, but if we look at it from a nutritional perspective then also we will find that wheat contains more carbohydrates which required for our body to produce energy on the other hand rice is also a nutrient that gives us carbohydrate but in most cases, rice consist carbohydrates in two forms, sugar, and starch. The rice that was made by the cooker is not as healthy as it is healthier when made in an open container.

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    Wheat and rice both are very common and popular items in our food throughout the country. There are some differences region wise also where one of these items is used more than the other and to a great extent it depends on the individual choice also. Both of these are good source of energy and are the basic foods for our survival. Whether one takes wheat or rice the other common thing taken with them is the pulses and that almost makes a balanced food when taken along some vegetables and salads etc. Some people consider wheat as more nourishing as it contains less carbohydrate and suitable for the people who want to keep a tab on their weight. There are a large number of people who take a mix of both. In many states in our country a mix of chapati and rice is commonly served in households as well as in the eateries outside. Some people are habitual of taking both of these and do not feel satisfied until they have both of them on their platter. Personally, I take rice in the morning and wheat in the evening. This is an old childhood habit and I do not feel contented till I have that combination. Of course every individual has a choice of these items and once the habits are formed one likes that pattern only.
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    It depend on the people what does he/she want to eat .The people of punjab wants to eat wheat and the people of kolkata likes to eat it changes place to place.

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    The conclusion is that no one had any health problems due to eating rice or eating wheat. But it is said that diabetics patients are better off eating wheat products than rice. It is because it is said to have slightly fewer ingredients to make it sugar-compliant than rice. But both of these can only be effective if eaten to satisfy the appetite. It means there is no immense difference between eating wheat products and eating rice to fulfill the stomach. The theory that rice foods are overeaten by people, because it is easily digestible is not correct. If chapati is made with wheat flour to fill the stomach, then the diabetic patient is not getting to have a low sugar count as eats chapati. Those who eat rice only for hunger will benefit from this.
    Wheat has three times more calories than rice, as well as protein. Rice is high in starch, and wheat is rich in fiber. (Rice with bran has more fiber, but rice with bran is not affordable to the average person's pocket.) Rice contains more water content than wheat.

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    Both the options rice and wheat are preferred in Indian -families and within the family, we can see some members having their special preferences for wheat but if the item for wheat is not available, they would not mind settling for rice. However, people from West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar would prefer rice to wheat. There is, however, some restriction for the people suffering from diabetes in respect of rice. They would prefer wheat due to presence of high starch in it which would not allow their blood sugar to surge.

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    Whether it is rice or wheat or any multi grain we,according to me, should never change by mere seeing or adhering others. We should consider our 'individual' health. South Indian people used to eat rice and if they changed to wheat, it enhance the body heat and thereby chances of some additional health setbacks. Eating wheat cannot be completely replaced for rice taking people but can reduce rice intake to some extent, if necessary, by adding wheat. Nowadays people are taking multi grains widely but some experts telling that consuming multi grains need hardworking and should never consume after 7.00 pm. as it affects health if idle after consuming.

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