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    Remove fear of failure from your mind

    When we attempt new initiatives or projects the first thing comes to our mind is whether it will click or not. That is wrong thinking because we have not yet started anything and negative thoughts would certainly affect even the initial thinking process. No doubt we are forced to go through varied challenges on the way to implement the new idea but we have to arrive at the right time ,place and procedure to start the same with positive note. When the take off is right the journey of success would be hassle free. So remove the fear of failure from the mind.
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    A nice piece of advice is given by the author, when we start any new work we may feel a little bit nervous as we are new in that particular work but it does not mean that we start to feel fear. If you have the courage to start something new then definitely you are a brave one then why do you need to be afraid of the challenges. When we decided to do something we apply all our efforts and make it possible, we are lucky that we have an act of courage to start something new so never feel disappointed or fear for your work.

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    The author is right that we should not start any job with the confusion. We always think that we may not achieve the desired results despite our best efforts. Such a negative approach can affect our work considerably and the best approach would be to remain calm and concentrate on the job. With our full concentration, we can apply our intelligence in the area of the job. This will help us to proceed to the different steps required for the accomplishment of the task. Any negativity would have its adverse impact on the entire work since we may miss some of the vital points essential for the accomplishment of the job effectively.

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    The author is right that when we start any new work we should not have any doubt in our heart about our work. Creating unnecessary doubts affect our performance and desired results become hard to get. Before we take a step in we should reconsider our planning and ways of execution etc. If there is any doubt come in the heart then it is better to stop the work and consult our colleagues or teammates or experts or if there is any individual effort and nobody is there to suggest us, in this case, reorganise your whole planning and check every point of the same as well as resources and understand the whole process with a peaceful mind. Rectify and fix up issues that may e disturbing further and find out solutions to expected and unexpected problems.
    Bottom line is that doubts in the heart obfuscate someone and can destroy all hopes of success.

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    It is said that fear of failure affects us more than the real failure. When we plan to start a task or project then it is natural that apprehensions and fear would arise in our minds. There are so many uncertainties in this world and even a very knowledgeable and expert person can have fears of that kind, arising in his mind, sometimes in his life. In our scriptures especially in Bhagavatgita it is preached with emphasis that we have to do our duty, our work, and do efforts to fulfil our ambitions without thinking for the results. Those who worry about the results much will become disoriented and discouraged and might do grave errors in doing the task correctly and eventually fail in achieving the objective. Apprehensions and fears are the main cause of disturbing our concentration and zeal in a particular task and we must remove all such doubts of failure from our minds.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Fear of failure may lead us to failure. We should start any work with a positive note only. We should know what we have to do and what is the expected output. We have to make a plan and start executing the work. When you plan the process of doing, think of all positives and negatives and make a pucca plan so that you will not be a failure. Once you did it, you should not keep any negative thoughts in your mind. If you have any doubt during implementation also, you can revisit your plan and you can do corrections or changes. But do all the works with a positive attitude and never get into a negative mood.
    always confident

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