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    Even the most famous book cannot take the place of your short notes.

    When we are studying, then any study is started with good books and its syllabus. It is very rare that we get all the syllabus in a single author's book and for this, we sometimes buy many books and read a little bit from each book. Along with this, nowadays people are also studying through YouTube videos and in this case also when they watch the video, it seems that they are understanding everything and now everything is remembering to us but it does not happen in reality, After some time we are able to remember only a few points of that video. The same goes for books, so it is advisable to make notes.

    But with people tend to be careless in making short notes and start bothering themselves a few days before the exam. No matter how much we read but one last revision, brings us confidence and that is the need for short notes for the last revision. Short notes of important topics from the very beginning act as a key before the exam.
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    Books are great source of knowledge but now nowadays people watch educational videos also to have knowledge. The author has rightly suggested that a student should make notes of what he has learnt by that video as he will forget after some time. Making nites is a good habit. I also note down when I watch any educational YouTube channel. They tell us facts and figures about any topic which can't remain in mind for a longer period. However, if we watch the same video two there times its content can be learnt easily without making notes but I still prefer to make notes.

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    That is a very good suggestion from the author. When we hear a class or when we read a book, we should keep a small book and pen with us and note down the important points in that book. Once that chapter is completed, you can make small notes using the points you have noted down and those notes can be kept with you so that you can refer to that book as and when required. This practice I was having during my graduation and PG. In intermediate, the teachers used to dictate and we used to note down.
    I was having a friend who was attending tuition during my B.Sc. His tuition master used to give him very well prepared notes. That book was enough for him to get prepared for the examination. I was staying with him in the same room for 2 or 3 months. He used to give me that notebook for reference.

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    Yes, short notes are really valuable to have a grasp on the subject you are reading. Books and short notes both have their own values. While books are there to gain knowledge on the subject and you may have a lot of books on the same subject short notes are prepared by the reader to sum up the points/briefs of the topics discussed in the books. Reading and noting down the important points is an integral part of learning and if you make the short notes properly on every chapter you read then the notes can be sufficient to consult for revision and further reference. It is always a good habit to note down the gists/important points and this thread is a reminder to inculcate the good habit.

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    I would like to tell the author in a very few simple words. "Education and Knowledge is like an Ocean. It is very difficult to measure it. No one on this good earth is perfect and complete."

    I sincerely hope that the author and others understand what I really meant.

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    That was the good submission from the author. For that matter we may at the most read the famous books again and again but we cannot send the notes on the contents and that is not done regularly. Some books are knowledge enriching and have to read them again and again to get the fullest depth of its content. If we come across some facts in the book that would evince us more interest and we may probably jot down the points. One thing is sure, when we read the books the contents should be disseminated to others , otherwise the very essence of book reading goes waste and knowledge not distributed.
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    Making notes is a very good practice and it helps not only in memorising the salient points but also helps in remembering things in a structured way. Notes are like the summary of the topic and instead of referring the book every time, it is better to refer to the notes. I remember that when I was in my college then the notes of the studious students were in much demand and they used to oblige their friends by giving them for copying.
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    This is a valid suggestion. These days students are not dependent on one teacher, they have so many teachers teaching the same concept in different way. Taking points would help to understand and analyse at a later stage within an academic year.

    It is also good for all age groups of people whether you read a story book or syllabus. Notes give more value based information in the form of a gist to enlighten and improve our knowledge.

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