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    Do you manage your Gmail account from time to time?

    Our daily work has a lot of relation with our Gmail, as we post two or three threads on ISC every day and we get notification of the response of each thread on alerts as well as on Gmail. We keep getting some other similar emails every day, which are also related to other websites, or banks, etc., but some of them are useful and some are useless. Many times we are not able to pay that much attention to the memory etc. and also keep the unused mails preserved in Gmail. It is always our endeavor to delete unwanted emails immediately so that new and important emails do not have to wait. Do you also keep your Gmail always up to date?
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    In gmail and yahoo mail we receive more unwanted messages than important messages. But alerts will come to me if only any important message comes on gmail. But I will not receive any alerts from Yahoo mail.
    For the threads on ISC if you subscribe only a message will come if there is any new posting on that thread.
    It is my habit to delete all unwanted messages from gmail once a day so that I will not have any unread messages on that. Sometimes we receive so many messages and deleting them will irritate us. I think this problem is being faced by many people.

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    You need to keep a tab on your emails whether you have an account with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or any other domain. If you do not wish to receive notifications from your threads on your emails you can simply uncheck the option 'Notify me by email when others post comments to this article.' Some notifications will be sent automatically which are important but if you receive useless emails frequently from specific senders then you can create a filter to keep your inbox clean from such emails.

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    Since we get the notification on important mails daily, I would go for such mails which need the immediate attention or I will go through them once in a week. Most of the messages are promotional and not required at all and our imbox is full of waste messages. But we should have the tab on what messages are more being bothered and that should be stopped with a feedback not to disturb us. One thing is sure the mail has become the secondary mode of communicating to us next after the whats app or the phone messages so we should not underestimate the same at any cost.
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    I don't receive any notifications for forum threads, however, I receive a few mails which I check on time. I am not very active for emails. So I don't visit my email account daily.

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    For me it is a big task to manage the emails in my mail accounts either in Gmail or elsewhere. There are hundreds of notifications coming on a regular basis from so many sites where I became a member earlier but my activity is not much in them. Frankly except scanning them on a daily basis I am not able to arrange or delete them and the result is that my inbox is always overflowing. It is not a very orderly situation but that is what is happening with me in my email accounts. I always think to bring that in order but the mammoth task makes me nervous.
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    For those whose work depends on mails, managing one's account has become necessary. Since 1 June 2021, Google made some changes to our Google account. Earlier Google did not count Google photos in our Google account and we were able to upload high-resolution videos/photos to Google Photos without those high-resolution videos/photos being counted in our Google account. Now Google has combined everything (such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google drive) together and now everything we save on Google counts in our Google account. 15 Gb of free storage is allowed and beyond that one needs to buy space from Google. One can check the total storage on the Gmail page itself, it is at the bottom of the page.

    Deleting the mails or photos is not just enough. Whenever a mail or a photo is deleted, it goes to the trash folder. The content in the trash folder too counts in our Google account. So one must empty the trash folder too, to make more space in our Google account.

    To make space in one's account, one must clean one's mail account at least once a month. The inbox of our Gmail account contains important mails, generally. I clean my inbox on a daily basis. Every morning, I select 'unread' from the dropdown menu, unselect the necessary mails which I want to keep and delete the rest. That way, I do not have to select each and every mail one-by-one. The social and promotion tabs generally have all rubbish. So, it is very easy to clean the social and promotion tabs the same way.

    Most of the people sync their mobiles with Google, so every photo or video which we download on our mobile, gets uploaded to our Google Photos account automatically depending on the settings on our mobile phone. So, one should periodically delete unimportant photo/videos from our Google Photos' account to keep our Google account relatively vacant. This can very easily be done from anywhere when one is free, like if one is waiting in his car for someone to arrive and say has to wait for 10 mins, the he can open Google photos on his/her phone and delete the unimportant photo/videos. One should remember to empty the recycle bin in Google Photos app on his/her phone to permanently remove or delete the photo/videos in his Google photos account.

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    I do delete spams and unsolicited mails parodically-mostly then and there. But do not delete normal mails regularly. It is only once-in-while that I go on deleting them when I see a lot has accumulated. Most of them are notifications and intimations.

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    Gmail contains a lot of messages and some are quite useful including the notification of ISC channels. However, we get a lot of unwanted messages which need deletion from our end so as to make space for the new notifications. Some of the messages appearing in the mail box are promotional for some products. Such messages appear on the regular basis and if a periodical step is not taken, we would have the inconvenience in receiving some important notifications.

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    I have this tendency to let emails remain for a good while even though I have already read them and replied where required. I have no idea why I don't wish to hit the delete button right away once I have dealt with it! The ones I do delete are the alerts from ISC of threads that I have subscribed to. In such cases, if I have dealt with the issue and the member is satisfied, then I delete it, or retain it till is completely dealt with to the satisfaction of the member. For some reason, though, I like to empty the spam and trash emails regularly because I consider them as clutter. Perhaps this is because these are useless and don't really matter, but then regular emails piling up are also clutter isn't it? Decidedly odd, my perspective of things, considering generally I love to keep my personal things neat around the home.

    I was not aware, though, that the policy of Google about having to pay for storage that exceeds 15 GB was inclusive of emails. I had the incorrect impression that the storage was only with reference to photos.

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