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    Have you ever tried writing a book?

    Most of us write articles, stories, essays, poems etc and some of us might be doing it in a large scale. I was curious to know whether anyone in this group had tried or had written or is currently writing a book which of course requires a long time to complete and is definitely a big project. If someone has done such a work please share your work here for the benefit of the members. It will be an encouragement for all of us. Please do not share it here as a commercial advertisement of your book as this post is not intended to invite that but basically I am asking this information as an inspiration to us. Before asking the members this question it is my duty to tell about me also and I have in fact planned to write a book in Science Fiction genre but it is in a very early stage and I do not know when I would be able to complete it. It is said that generally a book takes 2-3 years time if one does it in a normal pace of writing along with ones other assignments. Please share your experience or ambitions in this regard.
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    I love writing in Telugu. I have written many short stories in Telugu. But never sent them for publishing anywhere.
    My father is a very good poet in Telugu and he published many books. Some of his books received awards also. My mother's father is also a poet in Telugu and he also published some books. My mother's sister is a Doctorate in Telugu and she published her thesis as a book. So I also developed some liking for Telugu poems. I started writing Telugu poems following Chandassu ( grammar rules for writing a poem in Telugu).
    I have written 100 poems keeping the last line of each poem the same. Such books are known as Sathakams. I published a book recently with 100 poems. It is distributed free of cost to my friends and relatives. I am still writing some more poems and I may publish them also as a book. The title of the book is " Nitya Satyamiddi, neethi pathamu".
    I feel it is not out of place to mention that I published more than 40 technical papers and some of them were published in international journals.

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    I did not try to write a book which is an Herculian task for people like me. But I tried and completed a small booklet on a great freedom fighter by getting information from here and there. That is still held in an office record officially. It is being handed over to the visitors who visit that organisation that is named behind the great freedom fighter. I feel proud of composing it on my own good English. I am neither a good writer nor a bad writer. I am a standard writer.
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    Some times I felt that what ever is written here by me should be converted into book and that would be a great memory as I am with the site for the past 12 years. But book should have the preface, content and the submission at the end and should be recommended by someone who is famous and recognized by others. By the way who is going to read our writing which is not that professional to claim the ownership of great writing. Nevertheless we can always become pride after seeing so many contents written by us and we need not have anybodies certification about our writing proficiency.
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    Very interesting responses are pouring in. Hope more members share their experiences.
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    A few years I planned to write a book how to improve your English speaking without any teacher or even without your friends. I wrote about one fourth of the book also but when I talked to publishers their conditions were not acceptable. They said all expenses I had to bear, copyright will go to them and profit will be half to both of us ( publisher and writer). So I stopped writing book.
    I translated some books from Urdu to Hindi.
    I have written some poems in Urdu, Hindi, Englsih, even one or two poems in German too when I was learning German a long time ago.
    My uncle and grandfather were great poet. Their poems and writings were published in forms of books also. Several magazines would publish their literary work.
    Writing books take some time as well as money. It is required to make yourelf famous as a writer until you start getting sponsors.

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    Not yet, but often this thing comes to my mind. At times I think since I am contributing to ISC why not make an effort to write a book? I know it's not an easy task but the interesting part is you need to make a start if you are interested. Even for something really tough, you need to take the first step. My best wishes to the members who are willing to write a book and I would say you should not stop. You must pursue your dreams to make them true.

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    I admire short stories with beautiful pictures of nature, birds, animated characters with moral. We can read quickly and move on to the next one, that is the main motto. I don't like to stick on to one book and keep on turning pages. It may take days and hours to read the complete book.

    Writing books require indepth knowledge of the language and vocabulary, preparing ourselves for writing is the foremost important task too. It takes lots of patience and loneliness to write a book.

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