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    An act that shattered true love

    An old man who was with me on the road found some blue berry fruits with the roadside vendor. Due to his love for his grandchildren and thinking that they may be interested, he bought some for them. On reaching the house he gave them to the children. On seeing this, their mother came out and suddenly snatched the fruits from their hand and threw them into the dustbin by saying that those were not hygienic to the children. The old man looked as if he was slapped on his face and the children also looked shocked and sad. By seeing their faces my heart felt broken as true love lay shattered there.

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    The author has shared a changed behavior in the people post covid and does not want children to expose or mingle with those who are not known and would not allow to accept any eating items. Though black berry is the good fruit and the children love it , the timing of giving the same was not good and thus the mother of the children has every right to reject the same and old man got offended. It is the fact that many are changed during this pandamic time and the behavior is eccentric and not to our choice. We have to adjust and live along with them and there is no other go from the situation.
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    Once my brother's wife prepared tea for all the members of the house. She was just married those days and she was learning to make tea and cooking food. That day tea was not tasting very good. All of us somehow completed drinking the same. We have not expressed any bad opinions about the tea as that girl may feel bad. But one of my younger brothers thrown the entire tea given to him into the sink and used very bad words about that tea. This incident hurt that girl very badly. But she never expressed the same and somehow managed to hide her feelings. Afterwards, I called my brother separately and told him that he should not have done that. He accepted his mistake and somehow managed to convey his regrets to that girl.
    Like this, some people behave very badly and hurt the feelings of others. Behaving in this way is never appreciated by anybody.

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    What a fate for the Blue berry that was given to the old Tamil lady Avvayar by Lord Murugan. When Murugan asked the old poetess, whether she wanted hot berries or cold berries, she responded by saying "Give me hot berries, please.". When Lord Murugan sitting on the branch shook the Blue berry tree, the blue berries fell on the sand. Then old lady took one berry and started blowing through her mouth to remove the sand from the Blue berry. Murugan asked the lady, "O Old lady, Is that fruit so hot? Avvayar felt insulted that a small boy pranked her, not knowing that He was Lord Muruga(Karthikeya).
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    These types of behaviour are not expected from anybody, especially from the family members, and the feelings of the hapless old man are understood from the incident described here. We may not like certain acts but we should apply our senses properly while expressing our feelings. Any act of arrogance brings a negative impact on the mind of the person involved in the arrogant act and it also makes the atmosphere dull. Applying the brakes in time is essential and we need to control ourselves in all situations. The children will be greatly impacted by the behaviour of their mother and after some time the children will repeat this behaviour on other family members.

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    This was a very wrong behavior, doing this is a stigma on humanity, when a person loves someone and in attachment, he has some expectations and wants to please the person in front, one such attempt was made by that person for those little children. had done for If her mother wanted, she could have respected both the relationship and humanity by respecting that love, but her behavior was very wrong. If you cannot adopt the gift brought by someone, then you should not even encourage it by doing this, you can keep it with you with love, it is up to your wisdom to use it later. It is a very bad thing to spill one's loving hopes and hurt someone's heart like this. This thread actually reminds me of old Hindi Bollywood films where a grandfather loves his grandchildren and grandchildren also have an attachment toward him but his parents' behavior was very bad towards him.

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    This is the sheer arrogance of that woman. She does not deserve to be called a lady. She does not know etiquette and decency in her character. She doesn't know to respect her elderly people but I think her husband and son of the old man is more responsible for this arrogance of this woman. He seems to be uxorious to his wife. She does not respect his father and he tolerates her ill-manners. What is she and teaching to their children? Everybody will show his sympathy with the old man who purchased blueberries for his grandchildren but his daughter in law shattered his love.

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    Let us not throw muck and wrongly label somebody as not being a 'lady' and not having a 'decent character'. That is more shocking than what she did.

    Look at it from her view as a mother. She may have felt it is not right to give her kids those fruits from a roadside vendor and that too without washing them first. That is why she may have snatched them and throw them away. Yes, she could have explained kindly to the kids' grandfather that she would not like him to purchase such things for them henceforth and could have either washed the fruits and shared them with others or simply packed them up and given them to a neighbour or someone else. What she did for a valid reason was not necessarily wrong (it is possible the health of the kids had suffered on some earlier similar occasion of eating outside food), it is the manner in which she dealt with it can be considered unwarranted.

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    The mother was concerned about the health of the kids and that is why she did like that but she could had done it in a polite manner without hurting the old person. Sometimes the old person just out of their affection for the children do such things and in such cases we should make them understand that we have to first clean these eatables and then only give to the children. The lady lost her patience and behaved in that offending manner. The old person must had got hurt by this. But he should also try to understand these things and should not repeat such actions in future.
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    #737859, I don't think one can (should), in any way, justify the arrogant act of the lady. She had better options to dissuade her children from eating the fruit but the act of snatching them and throwing it into the dustbin in the presence of the old man who had brought it for his grandchildren is, in my opinion, totally unacceptable behaviour which reflects so many things including the respect she holds for the old man.
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