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    Future Artificial Intelligence (AI). How far and advance you can imagine?

    I still remember the fascination that we used to have when seeing a Bond movie. The different types of gadgets which once seemed to be never possible in the then existing criteria now even carries by almost anyone. I am referring to a smart phone or a remote.

    In the Artificial Intelligence, the things are moving beyond our imagination and the way things being happening we may come to know after 10 years or later. This is mainly because this is not our area of interest or expertise. We may have heard of the roles of satellites in the fields of whether prediction, surveys and for assisting military projects but do we know about changing DNA to create super humans? There are different locations on this planet which is sensitive due to hostile neighbors and at the same time exceedingly difficult to survive in and the super humans are supposed to be not affected by this extreme weather conditions. Few countries are already working on it.

    I do not have much idea behind Corona origination, but few says this is created in a laboratory which just mark the beginning of biological war and perhaps more deadly viruses are being created.

    We often have discussed the word, "perfection" but the world seems to be on a different path. Artificial Intelligence + biological weapons will take us back to the stone age and we are racing fast towards it and the biggest tragedy is that we cannot help it.
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    What I presume that future artificial intelligence would be more comfortable giving gadgets to us. Like a single plank of wood that can lift us above the road and we can navigate with controls of cables with us which are remotedly controlled. This would be far reaching invention as we are going to get rid of too much dependence on the fuel and usage of cars. And by going through the aerial way, we are going to reach the destinations very fast and that would be more convenient too. The more the comforts the more the work and money saved in future and this is going to be happening in future.
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    I do not know what makes you think that AI will take us again to the stone age because every new development is for our progress. Machines are under the control of humans and AI is trying to give even more control to the machines so that they can adapt to various situations and give outputs without the help of humans. Now, it is also true that we cannot really imagine what will be the situation if all the machines become intelligent and self-controlled but one thing is for sure we are becoming too much dependent on machines.

    Advancement in any field is welcome and we need to use it properly and not misuse it. For example, people can utilize internet connectivity to exchange information as well as spread misinformation. It is important how we are using technology and if the misuse is more in many cases then undoubtedly we are not going in the right direction.


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    The author has made two points in his thread. One is Artificial Intelligence and the other is the usage of biological weapons, During the first wave of Corona, it was told that China was developing this virus and accidentally it was released. But we don't know the correctness of the issue. If similar viruses are made and released I think the whole world will suffer a big loss.
    The gadgets mentioned by the author like smartphones only kept us in contact with the world during lockdowns because of covid19. Otherwise, there is no other way to be in touch with our friends, relatives and outside world. Many more developments are taking place in this field. All these gadgets may be making human beings lazy and they even stop thinking and all the issues will be managed by these gadgets only.
    These viruses will definitely take the world back to the old ages and AI's contribution in this aspect is not remarkable in my opinion.

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    @ Sankalan Bhattacharya
    The advancement in technologies when used for betterment of society will sure create good scenario but this is one aspect. The other side is this also being used for capturing more power and we have been evident of actions for expansions by different countries and we are also evident of clashes happened. So far this has been well under control but suppose one goes beyond a limit then other will also be liable to take the necessary repercussions and we already know that currently we have numbers of nuclear weapons which can destroy this earth multiple times.

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    Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of human life. But we should not too much depend on machines. It may be harmful to mankind in the long run. But gradually, we are surrendering ourselves to man-made machines.
    The author has mentioned biological weapons also. It may be in form of a virus-like a coronavirus or it may be in form of bombs that spreads viruses or deadly diseases in the area where it is used. These biological weapons cause havoc on a large scale. Millions of people have been killed in the middle east ( Iraq, Syria, Philistine etc) in the ongoing war and similarly millions have died in the US- Afghanistan war also.
    The author has shown his concern if we allow machines to control us and if we use weapons of mass destruction then everything will be destroyed and we will return to the stone age. I don't negate his apprehension about what is happening in this age, however, I hope the situation will not worsen so much that it will change into the stone age.

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    The area of computer technology and automation is developing in a fast pace and availability of internet at every nook and corner on 24/7 basis is facilitating us to do things that were thought to be impossible a few decades ago. The future of AI is going to be very wide and powerful and whether we use it in constructive ways or destructive ways is the choice that would be known only to the coming generation and everything can be a boon or a threat to the mankind depending upon how the human race uses it.
    The AI technology has immense uses in the industry and it will bring a paradigm shift in our lives in many aspects. Today we even cannot imagine those advancements that the next generations would be witnessing.

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    Ved Prakash Anand @#737790,
    I have clearly mentioned in my earlier response that it depends on how people use technology and also provided an example of misusing technology. What you have mentioned in your response is clearly an example of misuse of technology, isn't it? Technology will be upgraded but its effects depend largely on whether people use it or misuse it.


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    With the development of the computer technology, we have reached to such a position that we can achieve some of the targets which were not achievable earlier. Application of artificial intelligence is one of the areas where we can take command of production in the industries, extracting valuable inputs with its usage etc. The application of artificial intelligence will enhance output of the industries manifold because of better supervision of the machines done earlier by the manpower and in that way, it is facilitating human work. However, there could also be dangerous side effects of its wrong use and hope that the world will not use the same for the destructive purpose.

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