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    By shutting the lifts and carriage ways, will that save money ?

    Hyderabad Metro service is now running into loss due to pandemic effects and the management has even represented the state government to mitigate their loss by extending financial support. Since the metro trains are running on build, operate and transfer mode, the daily operating cost and profit depends on the flow of trains and passengers transported. Now the trains are not running to full capacity and therefore even operating costs are not recovered. Given this situation they are switching on power to lifts, carriage way movers etc. How far they can save ?
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    Definitely to some extent they can reduce their losses. They are trying to run the metro trains and see that they will not make a loss if not profits. But the traffic is less and many are still not using public transportation. Another reason for lee traffic is IT employees not going to offices. All the IT employees are working from home and they are not going to offices. So no traffic to high tech city. Traffic on roads also to that area is very less.
    How government can finance them. Are they going to share profits after getting normal. So I feel asking the government for financial assistance is not correct. So they will try all sorts of methods to minimise their expenses. They might have reduced their staff also. I have a feeling if the same situation continues they may increase the rates in these trains. Any Private Organisation will try all possible ways to see that their expenses are reduced and some profits are made.

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    KCR has assured them to bail out from the losses but how far is the question.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The heavy loss of the metro is mounting due to low flow of the traffic. Prior to installing the metro operation, management was not prepared to any loss due to development of any adverse circumstances. The situation has arisen due to pandemic phase and the same may continue for some more time. The metro management should be extended some financial help by the state so that metro management does not close its operation in the upcoming normal phase. Even the metro management should explore the ways to curtail their expenses wherever they could curtail.

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    Why should lifts or elevators be closed? Are they not charging all their expenses from people. Don'they want to increase fare of metros? No such business entities or establishments or institutions can incur loss. All their expenses are taken from common people, however, it is good that fare is not increased , instead the state government has promised to help them out.

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