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    The inner core is the main, not the fame.

    Crowds are behind the attractive, not along with the meaningful. Not everything that is popular has to be life-affirming. It is important to know the name and fame of the earner. There are many ways to become famous and create fans. Those who make gossip will be taken up by the community with great interest. People are drawn to anything that is emotional. Whether there is any inner core is not considered by the crowds. Anything that pleases will be a favorite. Only useful things will inspire. There is a big difference between being popular and being life-affirming.
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    Once again good thread by the author. Disseminating wrong messages has become the order of the day and the central govt is also taking serious action about it as a result the twitter has banned 20 lakh Indian Users who were giving misleading messages on the social media which created anti govt attitude and that was taken very seriously. As said by the author, if the issues were really not in terms of liking the protest should be with positive note and even giving good suggestion to over come the setback, instead maligning the process is something very bad. Actually we are not that educated enough to give the pat for those who has done good work because we already had hatred against the person or organization which done good yet we wont agree for that. So this kind of unusual behavior taking the issues to next level.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    People have their own interests and preferences- what they like or what they dislike, what is important and what is trivial for them. Who doesn't love to have fame and followers? Such people can go to any extent to attract people and also among masses everybody is running after everything that glitters but still many have brain in their skull and they know that everything that glitters is not gold. I think we should keep ourselves stick to our values and valuable thoughts and ideology. The author has claimed that crowd become insane and begin to follow celebrities or famous personalities and I don't think that the author is wrong. His observation is correct.

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    There is a saying in Telugu that means that a goat will always believe a butcher only. That is true I feel. If somebody talks to us very pleasantly and give us a little money we believe them. What are his intentions and why he is giving money to us nobody thinks. Many people judge the book by its cover. What is there in the book nobody knows. So talk smoothly and convince the people and then whatever you want to do you can do. This is the attitude of the people these days. Such people only are becoming popular these days.
    But actually, I feel that one should not go by what the other person is talking about and how he is taking it. He should try to understand the actual nature of the other person and accordingly behave. The attitude of the masses these days is that they want sweet poison but not bitter medicine that will cure their illness.

    always confident

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