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    Why do problems remain in many states?

    Different states have different problems and you may find many of those problems are increasing regularly. Though I am not going to point out or discuss any such problem but would like to put forth an interesting observation. Politicians, especially the opposition in each state is trying to highlight some problems and they leave no stone unturned to grab the necessary media attention. The ruling party on the other hand remain busy claiming that the opposition is trying to malign the government or the state or maybe fabricating stories to get attention and the problem remains the same. When the opposition comes to power the same thing happens and now the opposition which was ruling before the new one starts repeating the same thing. For many problems, this becomes a continuous affair and the people remain the sufferer. In fact, our country remained a developing country instead of a developed one because of many such problems. The interesting thing here is the ruling party never acknowledges the problem and hence do not take remedial action. If you cannot acknowledge it as a problem then you will never try to give any importance to it and it remains a problem. Members, what do you think?
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a just read news that center has 23,000 crore fund for immediate availing by the states for the infrastructure purpose to have better management of vaccine project. This proves that the center has made all arrangements for the smooth functioning of national vaccine projects and the states were not cooperating and started blame game of vaccine shortage and maligning the center. Like wise there are many funds which are available from the center and the states are not giving proper report and the respective Chief secretaries are responsible for not cooperating with the center. Either too in the UPA led government the funds were not coming especially to opposition ruled states and we have seen many protests those days for the partisan attitude by the center but now there are no such issues.
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    Blaming game between the opposition and the ruling party is not likely to end so easily since that is the easiest rout for their survival in the politics. The same thing is repeated by both the ruling and the opposition. In fact, the tragedy is that neither the ruling nor the opposition is genuinely interested for the welfare of the public. Whatever may be the issue, it remains unresolved. Take the case of inoculation of the vaccination, it was earlier announced that centre government would take the entire responsibility of the vaccination programme but later it was fixed to the state government. The state government is making hue and cry regarding fund shortage but the centre is blaming the state that the funds already disbursed earlier has not been utilised fully for the interest of the public. With such accusations, main issue has not been resolved though there are unnecessary accusations of both ruling and oppositions without resolving the issue.

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    We are witnessing this blame game and war of words between the ruling party and opposition since independence and there does not appear any respite from it. At the same time it is also true that it has hampered our growth. We cannot make one party or one group responsible for this as everyone is contributing to this situation. Different states have their own problems but the local politicians also know as how to solve them. They will solve it also but if some complication arises they will put the ball in the court of central Govt. The ruling party at the centre will also play its cards in the name of nation and national policies to cut the local leaders to their sizes. These fights have become very common in our political system and we all are bogged down by this and suffering in the international arena. Even if a good ruling party comes the opposition is not going to cooperate in a constructive way. That is the irony in our system.
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    It is an ages long tradition in politics worldwide that opposition parties keep on criticising ruling party/alliance or government for not working properly. This is not new or unprecedented , however, in our country, it is so much common, this blame game is being played on media and it continued. I don't have any problem with political parties because they are two different faces of the same coin. They are inseparable. Interesting point is that ruling party is not responsible for any problem in any state, rather previous governments or opposition parties are responsible. Can you imagine this type of politics anywhere in the world.?

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    In India, no political party is really interested in the nation or the people. They are more concerned about their power. They want to be in a ruling position. The opposition thinks by pointing out the problems and highlighting the mistakes of the ruling party they will get the attention of the people. The ruling party will go on telling that there are no problems as such they will not be caught on the wrong track. This is like playing a football game. Always each one tries to send the ball to the other court. This blame game continues and there is no end only parties in ruling and opposition parties may be changing their roles.
    If the issue is seen as an issue and study what is the problem is and what action is needed to come out of the problem, they can conclude and required action can be taken. But the very problem is no one will see the issue but see the party associated with the issue. That is our country will remain like this only and people also got accustomed to such parties only.

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