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    Human worse than animals

    A saint once told this phrase, 'human worse than animals'. His disciples asked him how. Saint explained,'in a grass land many animals of varied size that is elephants to rabbits, varied nature such as lion to kangaroo walks over but the grassland has no change but when a man walks over the grassland has a mark as foot path. From this we can see how worst a human than a wild animal. No animal eats as they please but a human?' This we can see even today around us.
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    The author has determined that man is worse than animals for two reasons:
    - Animals walk over grassland but they don't leave any mark but when man walks he leaves the marks and makes path.
    - No animals eat as they please but human.

    These are strange views of the saint and the author seems to confirm these views. I am unable to figure it out.
    Man is superior to all creatures found in this universe/universes. Every creature has some unique qualities by birth and these should not be compared between creatures. Man is superior to all creatures mainly because of brain (and reasoning power.)

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    Many animals go for food only when they are hungry. All the time there are not on a running spree for their food. Once their hunger is satisfied they will not go for killing another animal. They live and let live other animals. That is the beauty of life we see in the animals.
    Human beings are much advanced. They are not satisfied with whatever they have. People who are millionaires also never hesitate to go for earning a few more million rupees. In this pursuit, they never hesitate to harm fellow human bints, animals and trees also. Human beings have no concern for nature. At the same time, human beings are having brains and they can think and act according to the situation.
    Definitely, a human being is superior to other animals. But that quality should not be used to destroy the other components of this nature. Then only we will have a happy life on this earth.

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    While the author gave the good example of how human is worst than animals, I have watched many videos where in the animals have the compasion, caring for other animals and even living while sharing the food. Whereas human has the selfish tendency, partiality and would not allow other person to live. In the forest many animals live together though some are enemy to others. But the balance of nature makes them to live and the God has given every animal to survive and go on with life without hassles. For human the fight is for the very survival and sometimes has to face the stiff competition. One thing is sure as what the author shared is true , because when we walk on the grass the imprint is so hard that the very grass goes dry and that becomes the path and in Tamil we call it Otha adi padai that means one leg way.
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    Animals do not destroy the nature around them and neither pollute it. They simply search their food and that is all. So, they always maintain the ecosystem that nature has bestowed in that region and have least interference with it. On the other hand humans are the high level species and are bringing mountains to planes and taking the ground to the heights. The industrial development has made huge holes in the protective ionosphere layers around us. We are offending the nature in all the possible ways. From that angle animals are definitely the gentler and kinder species.
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    Animals hunt when they feel hungry but a human is a future-oriented animal and able to think about many more things. Human is a large community some of them are good and some are bad, it depends on their thinking and upbringing. An animal teaches their kids to hunt only so that they can be alive but a man teaches many more things to their upcoming generations that will help them to live a successful life. The animal may not directly or intentionally hurt others or harm society but in actuality both are living their life as per their norms.

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    So you think that animals are superior to you because animals are more kindhearted than you. But I think you must be more compassionate than animals. Ain't you?
    Selfishness is inhuman quality. Have you seen a monkey that does not share its food with its babies too?

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    You seem to be agree with the author and reason you have given is that Man destroys nature but animals don't harm nature and keep ecosystem intact.
    All these animals have limited and defined activities and they can't innovate any new ways to live. A sparrow has been making a nest in a typical style since it was created, thousands years have spent but their way of living has never changed because they are born stereotyped. If any cub dies then you may see its mother lioness starts licking her dead baby quite affectionately but after some time when she is sure of it that her baby is dead she gobbles it up. Can you except a mother can do it? But these are animals. They are made with some traits and they can't change these traits.
    Man is superior to all creatures because of power of brain. He has ability to innovate, invent and discover new and novel ideas and has ability to materialise them too. In this whole process ecosystem may also be disturbed but man also knows it how to fix up the problems.

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