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    When was the last time you travelled?

    Since it's been ages Pandemic hit and we have merely been out of home, let alone out of city, when was the last time you travelled? Travelling always makes everyone happy, it brings new experiences, new vibes, and definitely new learnings.
    As of me I feel I have learners a lot in each of my travel, be it be about the culture or Heritage of that place, or the food about the place. There are instances still fixed in my head, whenever I think about a travel, that's what we call memories. Every place you have visited will definitely involve atleast one memory attached which would always make you remember that place.

    As in this pandemic we are not able to travel for our own safety, let's discuss each other's memories of travelling, which indirectly would freshen up our mind and also would teach us.
    Please share your views on it.
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    Why does it appear to me that the author belongs to a state or place where corona has badly affected the lives of people and nobody is (was) permitted to go out of their homes. The author has posted some other threads also regarding the effect of pandemics in the recent past. There is no prohibition as such that stops a man from travelling to other parts of the country. The day before yesterday I visited another city for a work. There is no effect of coronavirus now. I don't know about the author's place what is going on there.
    I think he doesn't mean it to travel only rather he specifies travelling to any hill station, historical place, beach and kind of picnic where people may mix up with the crowd. Ain't it?
    I think markets are opened all over the country now (with some restrictions) and people are free to move .

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    I was a regular traveller. Every month I was going at least once out of State. This is true till March 2020. I went to Dehradun in the month of Jan2020. Then I went to Nagpur in February 2020. In March 2020, I went to my native place in Andhra Pradesh in our own car. The first lockdown was declared when we're there and we were there for about 2 months and then came back to Hyderabad. Again I went to Andhra Pradesh in October 2020.
    Again in April 2021, we went to Andhra Pradesh and again lockdown was declared when we were there and we help for about 2 months and came back to Hyderabad on the 19th of June. Other than these personal trips after February 2020, I have not undertaken any travel in connection with my work. Many necessities came but either cancelled those trips or postponed them. I don't know when I can start travelling either by air or by train. I don't think it will happen in this year 2021.

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    Prior to lockdown, I travelled from my native village to Bangalore on 20th February 2020. The lockdown commenced on 24/25th March 2020 and continued. Since I did not visit my native village in Tamilnadu after COVID attack, I planned a journey from Bangalore to Tirunelveli. Since I am old and afraid of Corona, I hired a driver to drive our Alto K10.( My good old Padmini is at my native village) The journey started at 0700 hrs on 20th February 2021(Exactly after one year) and reached home at 1700 hrs. The driver was an efficient driver, and he maintained a good speed of 120 and above. The journey was pleasant. In fact I wanted to have breakfast at A2B(Adyar Anand Bhavan). But due to crowd, I selected a small road side hotel to have a Dosa Vada and coffee. The total bill for me and my driver was just Rs. 90/- only. We had lunch near Dindigul at about 1300 hrs. The driver was sent back by train with duly reserved berth. After reaching my village, my Alto K10 is lying idle, and my good old Padmini is busy with me. I use her for all my local rides.

    Now, due to second wave of Corona and lock down in Tamilnadu, I am held up in my native village for the last 5 months. Trying to return to Bangalore soon to rejoin my family.

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    Two years back the whole of our family travelled to Tirumala and Cuddalore to Chennai and back and that was for five days tour with pilgrimage, marraige and other functions attended. The journey to Tirumala was enjoying as we could get the free darshan ticket early morning 3.30 am for the 9 am slot . The darshan was over and we immediately ruhed to Cuddalore from Tirupati. But in this pandemic days when the lock down is not fully lifted, going out has become little risky and cannot be planned. People are yearning to go out but has the compulsion to stay back. One thing is sure, if time permits we would like to go to the North side and see many places. May be after my daughter finishes her studies and we become free from the burdens. Travelling should be enjoyable experience and not the short cut one.
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    I am not very keen on travelling but if I get opportunity, I would definitely go for a short trip to some picturesque place. I have not gone outside since October 2019 mainly because of the corona threat and also due to my health at this age as I have some problems and am under medication. People are moving here and there with precautions though it is advised that one should not unnecessary go out in the crowded places like hill stations etc. Travelling is definitely a great hobby and one gets the real feel of the world around us because until one physically feels the beauty of a place one cannot know its worth.
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    My simple advice to all is this - While the whole world is affected by Corona, it is not ideal to plan for any holiday/pleasure/honeymoon trip for enjoyment while our life is in trouble. It is like the Nero King fiddling his violin while the entire Rome was under fire. Let us postpone our visits on jollyhood trips until we completely say good bye to COVID 19. Put your self comfort on the cradle to sleep.
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    We hardly go on long tours but I recall the travel two years back to Kerala, we passed through the scenic beauty of Wynad and on return through the Santhamangalam ghat section. I faced difficulty as there was an accident in ghat section which took us through the hazard of sleepless night. It is a terrific memory for all our family members as we had to reach our offices the next morning.

    Now, I hardly travel very short distance for provisions and vegetables once in a fortnight. I love to travel by trains which are convenient and comfortable than the buses but these days walking is better for short distance within two kilometres, a healthy practice for most of us.

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    Traveling with family is a good experience. Most of my travels in the name of travel have been confined to meeting relatives and family members. And we often travel only because of some special festival or events. My last visit was also to my aunt's house where her daughter was getting married, and that was in 2018. Since 2018, I have not traveled outside my city till now, but yes when the cases of corona had reduced a bit, then we started roaming a little at the local level, but now we are safely back in our homes.

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