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    Next 100 days seems to be crucial to fight Covid says Govt

    Having placed whooping order for vaccinating 70 crore Indians, the Government also warned the public not to take ease of curbs and gather in groups and infact advised state govts to cancel big gatherings and tours as the next 100 days seems to be very critical for the coutry to over come the present situation and sought people support to fight unitedly. It is the fact that people has to understand this need and cooperate without picking arguments with the law enforcing agencies. What is your say on this matter. The rainy season seems to be danger for the pandemic to flare up again?
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    The danger has not gone. Still, it is with us only. Even though vaccination is going on still we have to go a long way. Many people have to get vaccinated. Even after vaccination also we should follow all the protocols of COVID so that we will be safe and healthy.
    WHO is also warning the countries not to take easy. Many new variants are coming and how the vaccine fight with the new variants are not known. They say India is also there in the list where the danger is still on. From the last three or four days, we are observing more cases in Kerala and Maharastra.
    We should not take any type of risk. We should not undertake unnecessary travels and create problems for us as well as others also. I think the government should not accept religious gatherings. They should not allow any restaurants and cinema halls. They should postpone opening schools and colleges also. Using masks when we go out is a must.

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    When the things are seems to be normal suddenly the cases increases.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a very important matter and it is good that the author raised this thread to discuss this issue. We are going through a very crucial time and it is not the 100 days but each day is important and even one single mistake can lead to the avalanche of cases as we have seen while the second wave became so much intense in so much a less time. Some people are still in the biggest misunderstanding that it is happening somewhere else and not in the places they are visiting or going with their friends for enjoyment. Govt is in general responsible for the healthcare and well being of the people but what about the people themselves? Are they not responsible for this? We all have to take care and precautions not only for ourselves but also for the fellow beings. We are safe only till others are safe. As a responsible citizen it is our duty to take care of the precautions in a larger interest of the society. If some people are not aware we must not feel bad or ashamed of in making them aware.
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    Covid pandemic has hit the world badly and the worst hit was India. Recently the way our health care system was exposed to this pandemic, people were helplessly trying to get basic health care facilities. Although the intensity has gown down, the pandemic is still around which could lead to the surge in the covid cases again. Not only do people have to follow SOP's but the govt must also wake up from slumber to facilitate people with better health care facilities to save the precious lives of citizens. Govt must monitor the situation closely to prevent the third wave as people could not bear another deadly spell of this pandemic.

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    The author is right, the risk of the third wave would be riskier a people showing their negligence towards it. Vaccination may help to reduce the risk but at the same time, we know that vaccination is just a precaution, not a cure so we should be more alert and follow all-important covid protocols. Still the virus is in our environment and we can not save ourselves without precautions. Do not wait for the time when lockdown will be imposed by the government. Wearing mask, keeping sanetizer, maintaining social distancing all are need of a safe life.

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    Yes, the situation is alarming in nature, we are bearing this since more than a year. Everybody is aware of the fact that nobody is safe for the virus. So it the duty of individual citizen to maintain the rules and decorum formed by the govt. I think we all should maintain the basic formalities like:-
    Vaccinated as an earliest
    wearing mask properly
    avoid gathering and maintaining social distancing
    Always try to maintain hygienic
    Advised others who are not serious about this
    and lastly not to fear the corona al all.

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    Third wave of coronavirus is about to come and according to WHO it is spreading its wings in different countries. What happened during second wave is not hidden from our eyes. How horrible images and videos were shared on social media, we would not like to watch them again. Thousands of people had died. How corpses were lined up for cremation. It was the first time in history that people asked leaders and other prominent personalities to get cremation of dead bodies done earlier than others. It was beyond imagination.

    It was due to incomplete vaccination to all.people, both centre and state governments were.blaming each other. Now that time is over, our government is on job to administer vaccination before third wave starts havoc. I think our governments are prepared to face third surge of coronavirus. But only governments can't fight against deadly virus until we are also ready to fight against this pandemic.

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