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    Let's not become slander makers and distributors.

    Pollution of the mind is more serious than air pollution. Not to find out even single goodness about someone and only paying attention to bad news is not an eye problem. It is the distortion of the mind. Coexistence is the act of finding virtues and praising them publicly, and secretly correcting when one sees shortcomings. How many people have the personality trait to give a certificate of character to someone else?

    We should realize that it is tougher to correct the mistakes that have spread than correct the mistakes made. It is better to remember that if someone comes to us with a libel about another, it is not only their fault but also our weakness. These people approach us with the thought that we like to hear slanders, and we will give them some additions of our own and pass them on to the next person. If we show those who try to slander others that we are not interested in it, we will not become a shelter for such evangelists. Whoever makes it to the end of a worse campaign can be called a Mahatma.
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    Yes, we should not indulge in defaming others. Everybody is unique and we must accept that. Likings and dislikings are personal choices and that should not hinder the process of judgement. Actually, there is no need to judge others unless you are closely associated with that person. Even if you realise the shortcomings in a person there is absolutely no need to publicise it until the intention is considered criminal. We human beings have become so intelligent that instead of helping others we remain busy downplaying the importance of others.

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    It has been invariably seen and felt that if a person is not liked for one reason or the other for the past deed that continues to be in the bad list and even all his good efforts goes in vain and we try to slander the person for no reason and that is very bad habit. And if the abused person still persists with all our onslaught that proves he is the great heart person who never mind our slandering and take it us the way of improving his life. But there is a limit for everything and we cannot take our liberty far stretching and the relations gets spoiled because the attitude of slandering would become the daily routine and that makes the life boring to others also. Make a constructive criticism of others which is always welcomed. And also keep a tab on your slander as to how the opposite person has taken it for granted or just brushed it off.
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    Any kind of libel whether written or spoken or even in form of caricature can't be taken as freedom of speech or personal liberty. You may see such people while doing character assassination of other people and these culprits are given shelter and full support from all aspects. If you raise your voice you will not be heard. Sometimes, it is also observed that that perpetrators are scotfree and victims are enmeshed in problems instead. We can see such incidents quite often. Even any well-wisher or supporter may face any trouble.
    The author has intended some common trait of people who come with objectionable stuff to someone and create some humbug about any third person through that obnoxious stuff in the eyes of others. I don't welcome such people. They often don't come to me because I am outspoken in personal life and they don't like this trait of mine. I forbid them to show any such stuff and throwing their ill- feelings about others.

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    Criticising others and finding fault with others is not a right for anybody. We should not indulge in such activities. We also should not encourage such people. One should remember if somebody is coming and telling him about a third person, he may talk bad about him also in his absence. So we should not encourage such people.
    If somebody is doing a good deed, we should encourage such person openly and we should recognise his good work in presence of others. That will motivate him and do many such good deeds.
    If you have seen somebody behaving differently, never talk about that openly even with him in presence of other people. If you want you can talk to him personally and try to explain to him why you are finding faults with his behaviour. That will make him understand your intentions and he will correct himself. Many leaders and senior employees in the organisations adopt this procedure to get maximum out from the employees.

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