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    Can we have control over the subconscious mind?

    There are two types of the human mind, one conscious mind and the other, the subconscious mind. It is believed that the power of this subconscious mind is very high and powerful. If we look in our religions or scriptures, we find information about the subconscious mind, but its definition is given in a different way. Some people consider it to be the mind connected with the universe, some people say that it is the place of the soul. Such different thoughts are given by different thinkers. So when our subconscious mind is said to be so powerful that we can live life the way we want, why are we not taught some way to understand this mind? If a man is aware of his subconscious mind since childhood, can he control it? What are the views of the members on this matter?
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    Psychologists believe that there is a subconscious mind inside every human being and that plays its part in different ways manifesting differently in different people. We do not know what is the scientific basis of that assumption or hypothesis but it is also believed in many cultures and societies that such a thing exists. We do all physical activities with our conscious mind during the period we are awake but when we go to sleep our subconscious mind takes over and does many things that even surprises us. Sometimes people do some wrong deeds but their subconscious mind opposes it though most of them ignore or suppress that feeling. There is definitely an inner thing in us which we can call subconscious mind or any other suitable term, which time to time tells us many things but we normally do not listen to that inner voice thinking it as a false call or something absurd. Those who value it and can connect to it, have the prudence of all the world and it is believed that they would attain the complete freedom from the materialistic world. It might look spiritual in its contents but it has a link to the subconsciousness.
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    Subconscious mind notes every activities we normally do in our day time and it remains within the mind and the same appears before we experience sound sleep. This may appear in the form of dreams prohibiting us to carry out some activities which we have done earlier. Hence nothing escapes from our mind and the same also reminds us of taking some actions against the evil activities with which we remain associated. However, we cannot analyse some of the events seen prior to our sleep. But these events have some connections with our our past activities which our conscious mind suppresses. We may safely conclude that we should remain engaged in all such activities having its compliance in our societies.

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    It is said that subconscious is more powerful than conscious. What we think in our mind during day and same or close to same we see in our dream. What we do knowingly we do it consciously but sometimes, we start doing something unintentionally, it is performed due to unconscious. Sometimes, it happens we place an important file somewhere and we forget where we have placed it. This act of placing it somewhere or putting it safely we do it consciously. Now we need it and we forget it. It is urgently needed, we start to find any alternative or finding any solution, then all of a sudden we remember where we have put it. This act of recalling is attributed to subconscious.
    Sometimes, it happens that we are warned of any incident, then our heart stops us from going out. Who creates fear in our heart. We don't know we can't say. Some people say it is due to subconscious and some of them say it's due to intuition. However, I find such issues as paranormal issues.

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    I feel that the subconscious mind is a data bank. It will store our beliefs, our previous experience, our memories, our skills. etc. All our past deeds, all that we heard, all what we have seen and what we have thought also will be there in our subconscious mind. Some people feel it is a guidance system. It will sense and communicate the opportunities and threats to our minds. By hearing to our subconscious mind we may be able to avert many dangers. When any requirement comes the subconscious mind may communicate to the mind the relevant information that is stored in it. That will help us in solving the present problems.
    What we dream may not be from our subconscious mind. But dreams may influence us in taking decisions and deciding on the paths to be followed for completing our works. It is always better to hear to our subconscious mind and act accordingly.

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    What I feel that the subconscious mind is the state of inner engineering being experienced as consultation of our soul before taking any decision. In general people talk or thin while consulting their mind. Those who consult the soul are always right because they cannot go wrong. And some people consult their dream sequence of past or happenings that were done in dream and connect with the present issues and matters and that may exaggerated. The rishis and monks who does not have any personal urge , always go into the subconscious mind and their thoughts are not selfish.
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    Yes, the subconscious mind plays very important role in human life, thank you for your valuable responses.

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