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    Incomplete jobs or projects should not be left hanging

    We undertake many tasks and projects in our lives and it is not necessary that every project would get completed as per the envisaged path and target. There will be some which do not get completed due to various reasons and we have to leave them just like that and move to some other ones which either look more prospective or are forced on us due to the changing circumstances. These could be personal things or jobs related to our career and livelihood. Whenever we leave a work half done without any results the project remains hanging and later neither we or anyone else would be able to make out any head and tail out of that. So we must close a project by mentioning the reasons for discontinuation or closing points or put a logical stop to it so that later it can be referred or reopened by someone who wish to complete it. What do you opine about it?
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    Whatever works we undertake should be finished by us, to the maximum extent possible. Any project we take up should be understood by us correctly. make a road map and follow the same and complete the work within the stipulated time. This is what we all do normally. But sometimes we will get new projects which are to be completed quickly and we may be forced to discontinue the job on hand. When we do that we should make a summary of the work done mentioning what is the end goal and why we stopped in between should be made and keep that in a file so that after some time if we want to restart or if we want to restart on our own. Otherwise, we can hand over the work to somebody else and monitor from our side so that the work will be completed. We should give preference to the works that we started and see that we ourselves will complete on our own. That will be the best policy always I feel.
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    In our office we have been taught with the habit of finishing the task by the end of the day and it should not escalate to the next day. For that inclusive cooperation is to be forthcoming from all the concerned down the line. Even at the home we should not leave the things unattended or kept pending for long days and that would aggrevate the problems further. Even in schools the teachers have taught us to finish the days home work and class work and go for others works or studies. Therefore we have the trait to finish the works for the day and do not postpone the same for the next day.
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    When we undertake any task we should not take any other task in our hands until this work is completed. Also, we should not give the burden of more than one task to our subordinates or servants in the home. We should be considerate of them too. However, when we are occupying any senior post in any company and we have to supervise the works/tasks undertaken, then we can give the responsibility of each task to different subordinates either in groups or individuals and we have to keep an eye on all projects or tasks being done by groups of subordinates or individuals.

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    I completely agree with the author, we should not leave any project or work incomplete or hanging it. Due to the work left unfinished by us, other people may also face problems because most of our plans are not limited to us, but many other people are also involved in it and that other people may face problems. When the work is started, it is our responsibility to reach it till its end. Otherwise, our condition may be the same, as some workers start the work of road constructions, but after digging big pits, leaving them as they are, and all of sudden they stop work for a few days because they may have another work on other sites and then face the problem of traffic. Whatever the reason, it is a wrong attitude to hang the work, even if there is a proper reason, do the work in such a way so that other people do not get upset.

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