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    Do you think that a retirement age is necessary for politicians?

    Unlike employees, politicians have no age limit. If they are active, they can work any length and can enjoy holding various posts. In the past so many politicians worked and served the country till their death. But there is a debate on the issue that politicians also should have a retirement age so that younger generations can be injected into the politics. Politicians in older age have lot of maturity and their matured ideas can be well used in governance. But some think that people young blood will have more sophisticated ideas that will turn the country prosperous. BJP is one of the party that thinks there is an age limit for politicians. For that reason, they sidelined starwort politicians like Advani, ????? Manohar Joshi, etc. By next elections, Mr.Modi also crossing 73 years and so do you think BJP may opt for another PM candidate? What are views about retirement age of politicians?
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    It is always better to have a retirement for all, I feel. All employees are getting retired at about 60 years. In the same way, all politicians should also have a retirement age. This will give chance to new people and they can come out with novel ideas and may help in the progress of the nation.
    Young people will definitely be active and they can serve the nation better. But the problem is these days the politicians are not very sincere and they want to earn more. If the young people use all their energies in earning more and more money for them, the nation will take a back seat,
    Next time whether BJP comes to power or not itself is a big question. It all depends on the opposition parties. So we have to wait and see what is going to happen in the coming years. However, there is no family rule policy in BJP and hence anybody who has the capability can become the leader of their Parliamentary party. Still. a lot of time is there.

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    I strongly believe that there should be a retirement age in every discipline including politics. We should give chance to the younger people. If there is no retirement age as is the case with politicians, the young generation would never get chance. It is ridiculous to allow people to rule a country till such high age. An age of 65 is more than sufficient for any job or position. After that they should be kept in advisory or consulting capacity if that is so needed. When a young boy of age somewhere around 28 to 30 gets selected in IAS and takes a big responsibility in such an age why a young person cannot run the country. What is the problem in that proposition?
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    While politics has no age and no qualifications and that has been going on since years but some parties has now thinking that youth can take the party to further heights and the old stalwarts cannot do the justice for the ageing and they cannot be active. The BJP has already giving thrust to youth power and started giving cabinet minister birth and even asking Youth to lead the party at some places. In TN recently a youth has been appointed as the State President and that is good going. Even in Congress there has been awakening in the recent times as Revanth Reddy, the MP of Malkajgiri has been appointed as TS Congress party President and that paved way for new life to the syncing party. So in future we may not have aged politicians as they will give way to their next generation or other youth emerging in the party.
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    Keeping in view of the advancement of age, all of us will be affected due due to less energy. Our body may not function smoothly. Even there will be deterioration of our mental capacity. There can be delay in taking any decision due to the age issue. We can see the rules of the model standing order where the employees are compulsorily retired after the attainment of age of sixty considering their deteriorating stamina. Even the same thing holds good for the politicians and the same yardstick should be followed. There is no dearth of capable ministers who are within the age of fifty and they are capable enough to take up immediate decisions in their assigned jobs. Let there be replacements of old ministers exceeding the age of seventy for the better governance of the country.

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    A nice thread has been posted by the author. Fixed retirement age should be fixed for politicians. The irony of our country is that only those who make laws play with the law. Neither age nor any educational qualification has been stipulated for the leaders, the result of this is that even the wrong candidates are chosen in a big way and then remain in power arbitrarily for a long time. There are some commissions where age criteria have been mentioned for the members but not for other members of parliaments.

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