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    Word pairs Tri-series ONO challenge - 3

    It is time now for our third and final challenge in the Tri-series of word pairs. This time, you will be writing a short story and you can use the word pair anywhere in the opening sentence and in the reverse order in the closing sentence.

    Series Theme 3: Opposites

    What you have to do: In a response to this thread, submit a short story with word pairs that are opposites. You need not give a title to the story. Just mention the word pair that you are using. You may edit the story at any time before the closing time to correct English and typo, but do not change the core story.

    The Rules:
    1. A member should submit only one entry in English.

    2. The story should be a fictional one in any genre. The word pair should appear at least once in the opening sentence and that same word pair should appear at least once in the reverse order anywhere in the closing sentence, but the word pair should be together. For example, if you choose success and failure, the word pair should not be separated by a number of words.

    However, You need not join the word pair with 'and' but with anything else as per the context, and you can use a different form of the words in the word pair. For example, you can write in the first sentence 'Success without failure along the way is not such a bad thing' and in the closing, sentence put it as 'Above all, don't forget that that particular failure before succeeding could have been the turning point'. As you can see, the word pair is used together in the closing sentence with the word 'before' separating them, and the word success is used in a different form.

    In both places, take care that the grammar usage of the word pair is correct, as also the sentence is grammatically correct.

    3. The story should be a short one, not exceeding around 300 words (one or two extra words are permissible if really required). You may use conversations/dialogues but no slang words, SMS text, etc, and no references to weapons, medicinal drugs, alcohol, and the like. Do not give any links within the text.

    What you will get: For the previous two challenges in this Tri-Series, the max. was 10 points and 10 cc. This time, since it is a story, the max. is 15 points and 15 cc. Those who participated in the previous two challenges are also eligible for the bumper prizes. Those who did not take part earlier can take part in this one but will be eligible for max. 10 points and 10 cc only and are ineligible for the bumper prizes.

    At the top of the Leaderboard of points is Venkiteswaran, as well as Padmini, with 18 points each. Close behind them are Umesh, Kamal Kishore, and Shampa with 17 points each. A few others can catch up with the leaders, too, with a good story. So get going!

    Closing date: 23rd July 2021 (no extensions will be given.)
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    Thank you for your explanation regarding the contest. But I do have a query regarding the TRI-series ONO challenge 1. I had submitted my word pair in the first challenge and it didn't exceed 12 sentences. But mine was marked as invalid stating that it exceeds 12 sentences. I request the editors to look into the same.

    Also, if there are no chances for reviewing my submission again, will I be ineligible for the third submission? Does it include valid submissions or just participations?

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    ISC evaluates the contest entry well without any room for complaints.
    In contest One, You have exceeded 12 sentences. When I went through your entry, I could account 15(fifteen) sentences which is wrong ,and the instructions were very clear. .
    ISC is right, and you are wrong. However, I appreciate your entry, Don't worry. Try your best in ONO- Challenge 3 and try to get a prize. May God Bless.

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    Rovika Sundaram,

    As Sun pointed out, your entry for the first contest did exceed 12 sentences. Yes, even though that entry was invalid, you can still submit an entry for this third part and are eligible for the prizes.

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    I really am sorry for having misunderstood the 15 sentences with 15 lines. Now I get it right. Thank you all for the responses and for giving me a clarification.

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    My Word: Forgive x Blame

    Asking forgiveness after blaming was an everyday thing for Aarav while Arnav would always forgive his younger brother. Arnav was just 2 years elder but was very understanding, truthful, compassionate, and loving, while Aarav was the opposite but one thing was sure, he loved his brother abut would never miss to hurt him either deliberately or unknowingly.

    One day while Aarav was playing in the hall, he broke the new smart TV that their parents had just purchased online on EMI from a site. He left the place at once and acted as if nothing had happened. When Arnav returned and switched on the TV, it was broken and that's when others entered. He was just checking while his parents thought that he had done it and got very furious. His father scolded him and even whacked him for it.

    Arnav got very hurt by the act and thought to himself why his dad never explained and beat him even when he was not at fault. As he was crying and sitting in their room, Aarav entered and after watching his brother in pain and hurt, his love rose and with dolour told the truth to Arnav.

    As Aarav was confessing his act, his dad was passing and heard their conversation. He felt like a sword piercing his heart and with lamentation, his dad approached Arnav and asked for forgiveness for his abrupt action with hard feeling. He was very upset with Aarav but with Arnav's intermediation, his anger foreshortened, and warned him not to touch the TV for a week. He thought, I have behaved very rudely but Arnav forgave me without a whinge and said, 'it's easy to blame but strenuous forgiving" and you have the guts to let go with ease.

    [Invalid entry - two words separated the word pair in the closing sentence.]

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    My word pair: Pain X Pleasure:

    Rajitha's life story is of pain bringing pleasure. Let us hear it in her words.

    "It was ten years ago. That day, I was returning home from my college hostel for the year end vacation. The bus ride would be three hours. I was sitting at the right window side. My mind was rerunning the scenes on that farewell day. Soon, the cool breeze and the winding road made me doze off. I was shaken by a violent jerk, heard a screech noise and felt a harsh pain. That is all what I remember about it now. Other details were told to me at hospital after I regained consciousness."

    "I learned that I am now alive only because of one Mr. Mohan, who saved me but lost his palm. Mohan was sitting behind me. At a road bend, he saw a truck coming to hit our side. Seeing me asleep, he rose up and pushed my protruding hand. Before he could pull his hand back truck hit and his right palm got crushed."

    Rajitha continued after a deep sigh. "Remorse undertook me and I took his care till he was discharged. He had only his old mother in his native place and did not want her to know his injury. Slowly my gratitude turned into serious inseparable love towards him. My parents objected, but against all odds, we got married and left for his village. He had a prosthetic palm and by practice, mastered using his other hand. Discontinuing my studies, I learned tailoring and we started a tailoring shop in nearby town. We earn well, and are a very happy couple. Not just life partner but he is my life itself. I pray God, let our life ahead be only a'pleasure sans pains'.

    [Invalid entry - not original content.]

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    Word pair - Selection x Rejection

    Selection and rejection, Rajan's mind was getting haunted by these entities. Rajan had got a job about a year back and since then his parents were insisting for his marriage. Rajan's family met with some girl families but no match clicked so far. Rajan being a very simple person, did not approve the girls with so much make up and show off. On the other hand, many girl families did not go ahead with negotiations seeing his too simplistic nature.

    Meanwhile, Rajan had to go to nearby town for some office job. He decided to stay with one relative there. They welcomed him. There, next day when he returned from his job, he found some guests. They were the friends of the family. One of them had brought his two daughters. Rajan came to know that the elder sister had done PG while the younger one was in school. Rajan liked their simplicity. While talking Rajan found the elder sister very knowledgeable. The friends left but Rajan was thinking about her only. He gathered the details and after returning home, he told parents to contact them. Parents were rather surprised with this but arranged the meeting. Rajan noticed that she had not put up any make up even then.
    Rajan's parents conveyed that they liked the girl. Rajan was apprehensive about the answer from the other side. Next day they got message from girl's father that they liked the boy much. Rajan was happy and felt relieved as he found himself moving from the terrain of rejections to selection.

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    Word pair: Rise× Fall

    Rising after falling gives more pleasure in life as happened in Raju's life. Raju was a intelligent boy but belonged to poor family. So, since childhood he struggled a lot for his study. He not only study but would do hard work with his father. His father was a farmer so he also used to go field daily for farming. After doing all this he always stood first position in his class. This way, he completed his matriculation and after that he had to go city for further education. But, after sometime he had to leave his education because of financial position. But, he was not disappointed and once again he started to work in the office as a staff. Again, he took admission in college and started his study. After working hard day and night for many years, one day he got a reputed job. Thus, Raju's life journey changed from fall to rise.

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    My word pair is : Courage X Fear

    "Fear weakens courage!" Akash's Grandmother explains to him. "But Grandma, I have never participated in such competitions, so I have no experience," Akash said.

    Akash is a student of class X and consistently stands first in his studies. Akash is very smart and intelligent in his studies but he is very weak in conversation and public speaking. So he always avoids taking part in extracurricular activities in school.

    Two days later, there is going to be an annual program in his school in which students of many other schools will also participate. In this connection, Akash goes to his grandmother and tells her about his nervousness and fear.

    Grandma inspired him, saying, "This time you have a challenge and I am sure you will do it." Akash says in a sad tone, "But what if I become a joke and I lose the competition?"

    Grandmother smiles and says "Son, if you are already afraid of giving up, victory is still far away, you will never be able to take the right decision." Grandmother continues, "Son, listen carefully, participate in this contest, believing that even if I am made fun of, even if I lose, I will do my best. Remember, fearful people never make progress. So take it as a challenge for yourself and try to face it."

    Two days later in the speech competition at the school's annual function, Akash is a little nervous but gives his best by remembering his Grandmother's words. Though Akash comes third in the competition, he is very happy inside as he has learned the definition of courage.

    His friends ask in surprise, "Akash, you were so shy, how did you become so courageous?" Akash expressed his happiness saying, "Courage defeats fear while a fearful person can never advance."


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    Word pair: Love X Hatred

    How love after hatred looks brighter in our lives is well depicted in the lives of Anil and Akhila. Anil and Akhila are neighbours. Their parents are good friends. Anil is doing his engineering. Akhila is in her intermediate. Akhila looks pretty. Anil is also handsome. Anil likes Akhila but never expressed his love to her. Akhila somehow does not like Anil and developed some sort of hatred towards him. As they are neighbours both the families meet frequently and spend time together. Anil will be a silent observer in those get-togethers.

    Anil's parents went to their native place to attend a function. Anil couldn't go as he has to attend examinations in college. The next day Akhila's father received a phone call from his father saying that his mother was not well. So Akhila's parents decided to go that day leaving Akhila alone in the house. They requested Anil to have a watch on their house.

    That day night Akhila was alone in their house. Around 1 AM somebody was trying to open their house and Akhila was getting shivered. Immediately she made a phone call to Anil. He put on all the lights and opened their main door. The thieves who are trying to open the door of Akhila's house escaped by seeing him. Then Anil asked Akhila to open the door and that whole night they spend together without having a sleep out of fear. This incident changed Akhila's mind. She started loving Anil. As the days passed on their love became strong.

    During his final year, Anil got a good job in an IT company in campus selection. Their parents accepted their love. Akhila can't stay even a day without seeing Anil. That is how the hatred became love in her life.

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    Word pair:- Worse X Better

    "Is the opposite of 'Better' is 'worse' correct?", the teacher asked Ruhi in her English class. Ruhi stayed silent without even uttering a single word. English was her biggest enemy. She never liked it and was having an excellent grip over Hindi. Her parents were very much worried about her future as for them, English is a very important language to have a bright career but Ruhi was having her own dreams. She wanted to become a Hindi professor just like her grandmother. She wanted to express her emotions in the form of Hindi poems. Her aim to crystal clear to her even at the age of 6 and she was working towards it and her grandmother was there to support her at every step.
    The time passed, she took Hindi literature for higher studies but her parents were against it. They tried to explain to her that it will not lead her to a successful career but she was firm with her decision and moved ahead with her choice with confidence.
    After her Masters, she pursued Ph.D. in Hindi literature and became a professor. But it was just the start of her bright career. She started writing poems, published many books, and became a well-known writer. One day she received a letter mentioning her nomination for 'Sahitya Akademi Fellowship'. She called her parents to share this news. Her father was too happy after listening to this and he congratulated her daughter for achieving what she wanted in her life. After finishing the call, he hugged his wife with teary eyes and said, "My daughter fulfilled her dreams even after facing many criticisms. She confidently faced the worse for better future."


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    Word Pair: Fresh x Stale

    A while ago, Ruchi celebrated fifty years of friendship with Sashi through video chat, which kindled her stale memories fresh again. In her thoughts, she thanked her departed parents for their righteous preaching and felt sad about being heartless towards Sashi. It was fifty years ago when she and her classmates demeaned Sashi regularly.

    They were in tenth class when Sashi got admitted to their section. Every classmate liked Sashi because of her sweet nature. Well, their liking for Sashi died down when she refused to share her lunch with her classmates. It angered Ruchi and others. They considered Sashi to be selfish, wealthy and snob. Thus, they cornered Sashi and left her all alone. Sashi tried to talk to her classmates, but nobody responded positively.

    One day Ruchi accompanied her mother to a vegetable market. She saw Sashi with her mother there purchasing veggies and fruits from a vendor selling stale ones at a cheap rate. Suddenly Sashi noticed Ruchi watching her, so she quickly managed to leave the market with her mother. Ruchi, a sixteen-year-old girl, realised her fault and felt sorry. Later, Ruchi told everything to her parents, who expressed their grief and advised her not to form an opinion about others without any proof. They even asked their daughter not to reveal Sashi's financial condition to the classmates because many may demean her further for her poor background. Ruchi was apologetic, so she wanted to cement her relationship with Sashi. She asked for permission from her parents to take an extra fruit to school for Sashi, which they happily approved.

    The next day a new chapter of friendship unfolded between Ruchi and Sashi, which has now reached its fiftieth anniversary. They have nourished their relationship until now by being fresh without stale memories of early acquaintance.


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    My Submission: Ups X Downs.
    "Life is full of ups and downs, Neha. There is so many things ahead in life and you need to be mentally strong, my daughter." Rajesh advised her daughter as she was crying. She was rejected for her admission to the medical college.
    "How long are you going to worry? Have some coffee and biscuits." Radhika kept the plate on the table. Neha shouted at her, "Mom, this is my life. I had worked hard this whole year but I got rejected. How could I not worry but have some coffee and biscuits?"
    "Life doesn't end here, my dear. If you think that you are not selected for your college admission, then don't forget to think that you deserve better than this." Radhika advised her daughter. Rajesh then continued, "Yes, she is correct. Take this failure as an experience. Overcome it. Remember one thing, everything happens for a good cause. Don't let this affect your future. We are happy with your performance. All the days and nights you toiled would not become waste just because you are rejected. Rejections doesn't mean you have no value. In fact, it makes you stronger." Neha stopped crying for a second and began to think in a positive way. She realised that in order to attain great heights in life, it is necessary to experience the failures. After all, the downs with ups makes our life interesting.

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    Word Pair: Good x Bad

    Good and bad experiences are a part of life. Shanaya and Vanika join college together. Shanaya belong to a rich family but Vanika was from an average family. Both were intelligent, but in the materialistic world, mere intelligence can't stand anywhere. Sanaya's lavish lifestyle was an additional advantage for her. Teachers and classmates like Shanaya, while Vanika was always overlooked because of her average lifestyle. Shanaya was also proud of her richness and intelligence. Sometimes, Vanika wants to talk to her, but she didn't like to talk to her. Fate also favoured Shanaya, and she got the first position in their college, whereas Vanika got the second position. Time passed by.

    After completing graduation, Shanaya's parents find a groom in a wealthy family and she got married and went to live a comfortable life. On the other hand, Vanika started preparation for competitive exams and also joined a small job to support herself. It was a need of time and necessary too because she was self-motivated and self-reliant. But time doesn't stay the same. Shanaya and her husband had different thoughts and interests, so they didn't want to be together hence got separated.

    While Vanika's hard work paid off and she qualified for the competitive exam and got the position of Assistant Professor in a reputed University. Shanaya also joined a college as an ad-hoc teacher. Once they meet in a symposium where Vanika was invited as a speaker. Shanaya got surprised to see her on the stage. Shanaya realized no one is big and small and one day everyone's time comes. After her lecture, she went to meet her and apologized to her. Vanika, who was kind-hearted, said, let's do forget bad be good friends.

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    My word pair: weave × unravel

    Sujata was weaving the unravelled beads of her necklace, sitting on her chair. She was preparing herself for the family function which she was going to attend with her son Rakesh.
    While she was busy with her beads, she was in her imagination simultaneously treating each bead of her necklace as her family members and joining them together. She took out two middlemost and the smallest beads and represented them as her sons, Rahul and Rakesh.
    Yes, Sujata had two sons but now she is having only one. Rahul was a brilliant boy and was loved by all whereas everyone ill-treated Rakesh as he is not good at anything. Year's passed, Rahul completed his studies and got a good job at MNC. But, with this, he became so much blind in his might that he left everyone else. Whereas, Rakesh took care of his mother and always supported her.
    Sujata still regrets and lament over her act of ill-treating Rakesh. Her eyes were wet but she was proud of Rakesh's calm nature who even after so many struggles in life, still loved her mother and take care of him.
    She was so engrossed in her imagination that she didn't listen to Rakesh knocking at the door. He asked," Mumma, are you done with your necklace? Then he replied to his question, "Wow! you weaved it so nicely"
    To that Sujata replied with tears in her eyes," But, unravelled pieces of my family can never be weaved by me".

    [Invalid entry - submitted late.]

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