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    Traditional steps helps us much in needy hours

    There is a practice in marriage houses that on the final day, the relatives including bride groom's family, food packets are provided. This was criticized by many that this practice was in vogue because in those days there was no hotels end route. Moreover the people are just going to nearby places. But in spite of this criticism people are following still without minding them. Recently we attended in a marriage at Trichy and returned to Chennai in Tejas train. My brother and his wife refused to accept the food packets as in the train itself we can get everything AA part and parcel of fare. Even though it is correct we get in train, by not hurting the minds of relatives we accepted. But due to covid issue or other we are not getting anything even water bottle in the train. As no stoppage of the train from Trichy and Chennai, many passengers traveled without food till Chennai Egmore except us. We by blessing our relatives and elders for such practice which overcome our hungry.
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    That is a good practice and what is wrong with that? After the marriage of our second son, we started back from Kakinada to Hyderabad on a train. The train leaves Kakinada at 7 PM. By that time the bride groom's father arranged food packets for all of us who are travelling on the train and handed over the packets to the railway station. That night we have taken that food. Some people who have to go to nearby places had their food in the venue and left.
    These days we are not taking any outside food due to COVID. In trains also I understand that no food is being sold. So it is better to carry our own food and water with us. That is safe. If we don't bring our food we have to go without any food during the entire journey and for a long journey, it is very difficult.

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    In our tradition while the bride groom leave the function hall finally the Kattu sadam or the food packets are given along with other parcels for the benefit of the bride and groom and their family. When we were returning by train the whole total passengers were more than 24 and the meals packets were more than enough for us to be served as the diner for the night during the travelling. Though the present day arrangements are subjected to only catering at the function hall and not behind that. And during this pandemic time, it is proving to be beneficial now as we are not accepting out side food for obvious reasons.
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    Food packets are given at the time of departure to boy's side people. This tradition is commonly practiced in every society nowadays and practically, it doesn't look bad. If they have long journey, these food packets may be consumed during journey and if journey is short, even then it makes it easy to boy's parents as they have to arrange food for their guests who are still staying with them. But personally, I am against this whole system of too much expenses on show off on marriage function or demand of cash or dowry from boy's side. I see these tradition pesky for the entire society. However, it doesn't affect rich people but it is very difficult for a poor persons to manage all these arrangement. Lately, I came to know a vegetable vendor demanded car in dowry and parents arranged it for him. How disgusting!
    We need to change mentality. I prefer court marriage where no expenses fall on girls' parents.

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    Not only on any special occasions, but also in general, when a member of the family goes on a journey, it is advised by the elders of the family to prepare some food at home and take it with them. Relatives are generally not allowed to leave the house without food empty-handed. This is the period of Corona and at this time anyway outside food and water should be avoided but in general, it is prudent to keep some items with you during travel, and food items are included in that. Truth be told, traditional practices or advice of elders are often useful for us.

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