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    In spite of hefty fines why traffic violations are increasing ?

    Across India the law and order police and traffic police are imposing fines to the road users for violating traffic rules by parking in wrong places, not wearing seat belt, not following the signals at the cross roads. over taking from left, honking for no reason, and above all riding the vehicle with alcohol driving and motorists not wearing the helmets. Though fines and counselling is done and even sent for the jail for correctional reasons, the violations are increasing and how to control the same is the big task. Can there be some suggestions here ?
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    Unless otherwise, the public understands the importance of traffic rules and follow them strictly, it is very difficult to control them. As a matter of fact, Telangana police tried many ways. They conducted classes to highlight the importance of traffic rules and bring awareness to the public. But much improvement is not there. Then they started increasing the fine amounts. Even then we have not seen any improvement. I think people are not worried about money. Probably by violating these rules they may be earning more money than what amount they are paying as fine. Still, two ways can be tried. Improsinment. No fine. Directly put them behind the bars for 7 days. Each day they have to pay Rs.1000/- to the government for their expenses in the jail. The second one is cancelling the driving licence and they should not be allowed for taking the licence again for a minimum of one year. This may make people afraid and they may follow the traffic rules.
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    Good suggestion for Dr Rao and that would create fear among the road users.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If people have enough money, hefty fine doesn't matter to them. Any traffic violator should be booked, vehicle taken under police custody and put them behind the bars. And rightly suggested by Mr. Rao, the jailer should charge them for their expenses inside the jail. This should go on for one month. No mercy should be shown to traffic violators. There cannot be any other alternatives to over come traffic violation problem.

    Will our Indian government think like this?

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    It is said that bad habits die hard. It is true for these traffic violators. In spite of penalties they are not changing their ways. What is required is stronger and stringent penalties like taking their vehicles in custody or their public condemnation by degrading them in front of public. I have seen some rich spoilt youngsters who keep some money in their front pocket and give it to the policeman without bothering for their offence. There is somthing basically wrong with these people as they feel insulted in abiding to rules and regulations. They have not brought up properly by their families. I would say that parents are also responsible for this to a greater extent.
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    Actually, this is a serious matter of concern, today the violation of traffic rules starts exceeding the limit, even the educated class takes pride in ignoring this type, due to the lack of strictness in the law of the country. It happens, if there is a person who violates the traffic rules 50 times in a month and he gets the chance of a fine or penalty only once, then naturally the negligence will increase. Unless this is increased, such negligence will continue to happen. By using the cameras installed at traffic signals properly every person who breaks even a small traffic rule should be punished.

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    Violation of traffic rules is quite common but as long as bribe works commuters will not be affected by any kind of fine. There is the provision of imprisonment also, e.g.
    Rash driving as well as talking on the phone is not permitted for bikers/two-wheelers because driving your bike more than the speed limit is dangerous for you as well as other commuters. Therefore, if you are caught by traffic police while driving your two-wheelers rashly then you are liable to pay a fine of up to Rs 5000/- or/and up to one year imprisonment if you have committed this offence for the first time but if you repeat the same violation of traffic rule then you are liable to pay Rs 10,000/- or/and up to two years imprisonment.
    I think alL these traffic rules are for our safety. If all commuters follow traffic rules number of accidents will come down steeply.

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    @737981 truly said if the bribe works to conceal the violators then the change cannot be expected.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In houses when we see ants encroachment we used to pour some medicinal powder to eradicate. But the ants came out of that as if they put face powder. Similar to that the punishment through fines. People pay fines and continue their crimes as if they got permitted to continue.

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