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    The impact of the country or area on the quality of life.

    There was a time when going abroad was like a big achievement. The times have changed. It is not that everyone can go abroad today, but even a middle-class person can think about it. Ever since the companies started sending their employees abroad, this trend has increased. Now, many people are choosing to go to the USA or European countries for studies.

    I met a cousin who was in the USA for 3 to 4 years but she came to India shortly before the corona pandemic and she is here since then. While speaking to her she said that the quality of life in the USA may not be found here. I didn't agree much, but it still made me think whether country and place can really have such a big impact on our quality of life or we do have the capacity to better our quality of life ourselves at any place.

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    It is the fact that those who are rushing for US for studies or on assignments from the company, they would not like to return for the life style being different and having habituated and experienced the wholesome comforts for everything including ways and means to earn extra income for future, many does not want to return. Some of my friends who promised their parents that they would return back after studies and settle here in Hyderabad are staying back there and even got married to the girls of Indian origin and they are unlikely to return. So once we are habituated to the tastes of new life it is difficult to return to the old fold. So it is not the impact of the country or the area where we reside matters. but the way the thought process changes from the nothing to affluent life would change the very perception of life.
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    Social environment, prosperity, culture, language, ideology, dogmas, religious environment, personal liberty, technological advancement etc affect human nature and lifestyle. US, Russia, Japan and several other countries are developed counties whereas India is a developing country. India is a large country. Most of the developed countries are much smaller than India in population and density. Our culture, ages long tradition, lifestyle and all are opposite to them. We are mentally underyoke to them is an open reality. I give you an example. If any person speaks in English we are promptly impressed by him although he is not very intelligent, on the other side, if anybody is intelligent but he is not fluent in English, so we are not impressed easily until his intelligence becomes perspicuous to us.
    When Michael Jackson visited India for a music concert, all music lovers became insane for him, I still remember our celebrities and movie stars were showing their eagerness to meet him like ordinary men.

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    It all depends on the mentality of the individual. What are your priorities and what type of life do you prefer? These will decide which country is better.
    India is a highly populated country. Life here in this country may be different from life in the USA. But there is no rule that all will love the way of life of that country. My son went to the USA on an assignment from their company. He was sent there for 9 months. He was not happy with the life there. His company wanted him to continue there for another two years. My son not accepted the offer and came back. He said that you will not find people there to talk to. He enjoys the company of friends and relatives. But there nobody is to spend time.
    If you want to earn more money and you want a comfortable life, you may like going to the USA. But people who want to be with the people and enjoy meeting them and spending time with them may not like that atmosphere. In our country also we can have a quality life and everything is available in our country also.

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