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    De-clutter your mind, focus on core issues

    During the course of daily life at the home and office we get number of issues and matters which are not concerned to us and yet make us to bother more giving the mind much work to sort out the mess created by our own allowing to take matters of no importance and in that melee the focus on core issues which are ought to be attended goes missing and we are blamed for being indifferent and not caring to main works. Therefore it is imperative and must for us to de-clutter the mind and given time to the main issues which need your immediate attention.
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    The author is right that most of our times are wasted thinking the unwanted issues which eats our time for attending the constructive work. Even if we try hard to get rid of such thoughts, it seems altogether impossible to control such thoughts and as a result our core issues either remain unattended or we have a little time to concentrate on such issues. If we are engaged in some jobs, the job will be affected due to improper attention. If such an attitude persists for an appreciable time, we may be reprimanded by our boss for our negligent attitude, hence we must try to come out of such thoughts not allowing us to concentrate on our regular jobs inviting criticism to our coworkers and boss.

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    I agree with the author that instead of focussing on clutter we should concentrate on essential issues. It needs to be self-disciplined and point is that it should be known to us what our priorities are to be worked upon and for this process we need to sort out all our activities in order as per level of their significance. I don't deny that despite all sincere efforts, sometimes, clutter is amassed around us to get sorted out but we should not be obfuscated at all, we should take step to declutter the unwanted things in a systematic way. It depends on abilities how smart and prudent we are to take this issue and find the best solution. It is also observed that some antithesis elements may create unnecessary heap of unwanted stuff around us to distract our mind from main issues, there lies a big onus on us to not get affected to ill efforts of such people.

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    That is true. We keep so many things in the mind and the mind will be working on all the issues. The focus will go away and we may not be able to concentrate on one issue at a time. How to make mind free and concentrate on the issue on hand, is a very big question.
    I feel we should make a list of things to do on that day and give priority numbers and following the list is one way to avoid such problems. If any new issue comes, add that issue to your list and continue with your work. If it is to be attended immediately, see whether you can delegate it to somebody else. If there is no way out, then only you stop work on hand and start the new issue. This may avoid unnecessary cluttering of issues in the mind.
    Planning of our works is also very important. Attempt important and serious issues first and then go for the other issues. That will make your mind free and you can focus on the job you are doing.

    always confident

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