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    Do you think in course of time it becomes so difficult for the people to live on this earth safely ?

    We people enjoyed the warmth and love of earth till 2019 and then Covid 19 started fearing the people in all forms. Since then it became very difficult to enjoy the nature of earth as before and get the full benefits from mother earth. There is no clue till now when this virus and its variants fear end. Today in the news two more varieties of diseases appearing USA and China. In America Monkey fox virus and in China Monkey be virus appeared suddenly. How these new and new diseases entering into our lives? Will these diseases leave us in course of time? Do you think in course of time our lives will be restored to happiness and safe like in the past? Or this is the beginning of new freedom less and unhappy era started on this earth?
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    The author has highlighted a burning issue that the whole international community has been affected by covid19. Most of the countries are facing economic problems on large scale, they are doing their best to recover loss. A large number of people have become jobless that has created a big problem for their survival and living a good life. People are still scared of travelling freely. Apprehension of virus is still lingering on around us. Nobody knows if the other person sitting by him/her is a carrier of the virus.
    In our country, the situation is not hidden. Lately, our country was the most affected by the second wave of this virus. So, we have to take all preemptive steps to come with the third wave. I don't know how long we have to face these diseases and viruses in future too. Our lives have also changed. Physical distancing and wearing masks are common activities. We don't shake hands people don't mind. Now most of us are accustomed to the new normal.

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    The author has elaborated how the people are scared with the growth of dangerous virus amidst us. We are so scared that we don't shake handshake even if the man approaching to us is closed to us. It is because of the hidden fear that has compelled us to take cautious approach in all the dealings. The author has indicated some more dangerous disease existing in China and USA and there is every likely of its progression in our country if adequate care is not taken.
    We are not comfortable at this moment because of our past experiences making all of us tensed and this level of insecurity will persist for some more time. Hope that we will have the winning situations with the active formulation of some effective medications to combat the upcoming virus including the present one.

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    That which is seen with the naked eyes are going to be destroyed sooner or later and includes me and you. So there is no surprise element in this notion. But people are not understanding this very truth and keep on harping to earn more and save for future as if they are going to stay here permanently. Given the space wise, nature wise and the competition wise living in this earth would become difficult for many other reasons also. That the shortage of food would be the main reason in near future. And those who are frustrated with the life for the consistent loss of their thoughts and materials would be forced to behave eccentric and that would have impact on the living and the have nots would attack and loot the haves in near future as the frustration level with have nots and the down troden has been increasing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The views of the author are very relevant in the present situation. I think a majority of the population are having the same views. For almost more than 16 months we are experiencing a difficult situation. There is no clue when it will be over. Now vaccination is going on and sooner or later all people will get vaccinated. Meanwhile. if new health issues and new diseases are cropping up. Again we have to fight with them. So the fight will become endless. Our life will be over in fighting these diseases only.
    The only way is to follow all the required protocols and manage. We should take any issue lightly and due importance is to be given always to all the points. Scientifically we are advancing but nature is always giving us a new threat. This is mainly due to the way in which a human being is behaving with nature.
    We have to keep our fingers crossed and go on praying to God to bring normalcy back. Let us be optimistic and think that very shortly this pandemic situation will vanish and we all will be happy.

    always confident

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    It is quite natural for the author and everyone to be concerned in this matter because for the last one and a half years the human world is not able to come out of the fear of a virus and it is feeling as if we are locked in our own homes in this way. It has been said that we are not able to enjoy the nature of our own home openly. When all this was easily available, then people did not realize that if ever this pure air will not touch our face because we will be covering our faces with masks. But today we are longing that when that time will come back when we will be able to have freedom in the open air in our own home i.e. on our earth.

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    Making this world good or bad for living is the contribution of humans only.
    If humans can practice 'Live and let live' and reduce destruction of nature and destruction of other species, then human race can live and sustain for many many more centuries. Otherwise it will be inviting elf destruction. Present indications and trend is that humans not only try to annihilate other species, but one section or geographic humans try to annihilate other sections or other geographic humans. So it does not portend well.

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