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    250 mm rains lash out Mumbai and that is monster thunder storm

    We have heard of cyclonic storm and flooding due to low pressure and the rain falls would be in 14 to 18 cms so far and for the first time Mumbai has been lashed with monster thunder showers of 25 cms and that is whooping rains to the congested metro city. Already the city has been experiencing cupious rains for the last one week, and this year the Met department has been warning the financial capital of series of heavy to very heavy rains and that would certainly put the Metro to much woes and problems. Mumbaites please take care.
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    Maharastra is already in a bad shape due to the COVID pandemic. Every day many new cases are getting reported and people are spending a very difficult time. Even these days also the number of cases are high there. The number of deaths is also more.
    Now, these heavy rains may cause another problem for them. How they will face and survive? The administration should make all required arrangements to see the people from these heavy rains. I hope they will gear up and protect people. All political parties should getting united and help the people and see that the losses will be minimal. I pray to God to help the poor people there and see that they will not lose their lives because of these heavy downpours.
    People should follow all the precautions and try to minimise their movements and stay safe in the house. They have to take care of their own lives.

    always confident

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    As we know that the city of Mumbai is situated on a Salsette island and the level of rainfall is high every year and the life of its people becomes even more difficult during the rainy season. Mumbai city is called the city of dreams. Where a large crowd of people is trying to fulfill their dreams. There is no doubt that the life of Mumbai is a struggling life, the biggest struggle is that of transportation in Mumbai and this crisis becomes even more severe during the rainy season. These days, in the same way, Mumbai is very bad, as both the waves of Corona have weakened Mumbai, now the third wave is also starting, and with this weather condition. It is very necessary to find a definite solution to these problems. Mansoon is not an unpredictable thing when we know it will affect every July to September then definitely there should be proper arrangements.

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    But cloud burst is something very danger and the metro is not ready for that.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This proves again how fragile and vulnerable our cities are. The case is similar all over the world. Unrestricted human habitation and exploitation of nature has caused all these. The devastating floods in Germany are also in the news in the last two days.

    I was in Mumbai on the July 2005 -precisely July 26, 2005, when a cloudburst poured down 944 mm rain in a single day. The memories still cause shivers.

    Though we humans claim to have conquered land, sea and sky ,even space beyond the skies, it need just a few hours of rain, a few seconds of Earthquake or Tsunami to remind us how vulnerable we are. Still humans have not learned lessons. Sad.

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    Nature has its own way of behaving. Hence the heavy rain in Mumbai. The five elements of thei nature is under no one's control. They act on their own. This is what the reason why our ancestors were worshipping the five natural elements. When we visit a temple, though we look at the idol, but we are paying respect to all the five natural elements.
    1 (For Akash).First when we go to a temple, from outside, we look at the Kopuram(tower) raise our hands and worship.
    2(For Earth). When we enter a temple, we touch the ground and worship, the Bhooma devi.
    3.(For water) We see the varities abhishekam being conducted to please the Water Lord
    4.(For Vayu) We hear the temple bell ring, the musical instruments are played.
    5. (For Agni) We look at the Karpooram being lit and shown to the lord.

    Despite heavy rains, Mumbaites suffers for a while and enjoy life for long. This is also one way of life on earth.

    No life without Sun

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    Natural calamities are common and Mumbai is not exempted from it. Every year Mumbai people face floods. Many people are affected by such natural calamities. How many of ISCians belong to Mumbai or nearby areas may tell on this issue in detail.

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    During the rainy season many times Mumbai gets a good rain and sometimes due to the continuous rains there is a big problem of water logging and regular life is disturbed. Our cities are growing bigger and bigger but we have utterly failed in maintaining the basic civic amenities and there is very poor maintenance of the drain holes and lines which are most of the times clogged. So, it is not that the city municipal administration is only to be blamed for that but the citizens who are throwing everything on the roads and that finally clogs the drain holes are also to be blamed equally. During rains a heavy downpour isnot a new thing but because we are not geared to face it so it becomes a national news. I do not think that this recent rain in Mumbai is of unprecedented nature. It happened during earlier years also. We have to improve our drainage and water evacuation designs and keep them fully maintained to avoid these havocs during heavy rains.
    Knowledge is power.

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