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    If subsidies extended for purchasing e Vehicles ?

    As the fuel cost of petrol in increasing day by day the vehicle users are at a loss and wants to minimise their usage on the road and instead wants to go for e vehicles. But e vehicles are not affordable and have fancy prices. Having sensed this some state governments has started extending the subsidies for the e vehicles purchase. Do you think this step would pave way for more purchase and usage of e vehicles in future. India has the need to shift to alternate fuel and e vehicles are the best choice to experience hassle free driving. Any comment ?
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    The E vehicles are coming into the market with heavy subsidies only. Even then they are very costly. This is one of the reasons for E vehicles not becoming popular. Another reason is the distance it can cover with one battery charge.
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    Yes. The governments are offering heavy subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. Even then the payment the buyer has to make is more than what he has to make for a diesel/ petrol vehicle. But once you purchase the same your fuel cost will drastically come down. So people may be ready to make a little more money to get them. But the main problem is battery charging. These charged batteries will be lost for short distances only. Again charging them is very difficult. Unless otherwise this problem is addressed e vehicle usage may be a difficult proposition.
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    Price hike of petrol and diesel causing inflation at large. Commuters having meagre income are finding it difficult to bear price hike of other commodities along with oil price hike. E-Vehicle is the best solution for this problem. People should be encouraged to purchase e -vehicles and all governments should bring easy loan schemes for people who are interested in this type of transportation.
    When Samajwadi party was in power in U.P. before bjp won elections in 2017. Samajwadi party gave free e- rickshaw to unemployed young men and the drivers who were hiring e-rickshaw on rent and they became owner of e-rickshaw. Such good schemes generate employment for unemployed youth.

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    Keeping in view of regular hike in the prices of petroleum products, we cannot afford to have such bikes or cars to run on the roads and so we need some alternative version to meet our transportation needs. E - vehicle can serve our purpose but it has two drawbacks. The first one is its prohibited costs and the other one is its regular charging after the coverage of the specified distance. Banks should have taken some proactive steps to ease the loan process so that the applicants can avail of such loans for purchasing the same. If the state governments are ready to offer some sort of subsidies in this direction, it is well and good. To some extent having these E - vehicle under the possession of the aspirants will solve the unemployment problems among the youths. Charging the battery at long distance would be available at later stage with the extensive research of the scientists in the upcoming time.

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    The author is right, businessmen are always in search of new ideas and opportunities and they have got one such opportunity at this time. Due to the increase in the price of petrol in this way, a large section is very upset and everyone is trying to work using fewer vehicles at their expense, that is why there can be demand for E vehicles, but it is difficult to tell how much it will increase because many There are also people who find it more comfortable to have fueled vehicles and they can reduce other expenses to manage the cost of petrol for their commute.

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    Subsidies are given to encourage and incentivise people to acquire and adapt to new products. As humans are averse to change their long time habits and usages, there wil be initial resistance and no one would volunter to change and accept a more costly product or venture. However if the new product is needed to be popularised for reasons of safety, social stability and/or improving quality of life and nature, reduce fatalities or as a national and universal goal, then the governments give subsidies and incentives to attract the people to buy or adopt the new produce or service, at least initially.

    Subsidies are also necessary to help the manufacturer to produce more and thus bring down the prices lower. Once the product or service becomes popular and people drive benefit from it then it goes on by itself and subsidies can be reduced or stopped. Electric vehicles are in such a category now.

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    E vehicles are not fit enough to vehicle riders/drivers. It cannot make good speed.Its endurance is very short. We cannot go for a long trip. It cannot pull well. It struggles on the hill ride.

    The automobile technology is lacking behind the e-vehicles. E vehicles cannot compete with petrol or diesel vehicles. It would take time to improve. Yes. E vehicles are costly and not affordable by a common man.

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