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    Love is the most important thing in our life.

    Many forces act on the human being throughout life. The most powerful of all these forces is love only. The population is increasing and our planet is becoming smaller and smaller in comparison with the huge population. It is imperative that all should learn how to love and accept each other. Because of the migration of people from one place to another for their livelihood, the cultures are changing. People of different religions, cultures, and languages have to live together. We all have to first understand that we are human beings first like all others. Then only our nationality, religion, culture, color, and language count. We must realize that there are many ways to live life as there are people on this earth. No one is perfect. A perfect human being is all the human beings put together as was told by Socrates long ago.

    Human relations are deteriorating not only in our country but all over the world. We have to realize that the only way to improve them is to love and tolerate all. The essence of all religions is to be good and do good.
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    The author seems to be worried about increase in population whereas he praises love as the most important trait of humans. What an irony is when people love opposite gender then they get in intimacy as officially married couple or live-in, however, as a result new baby comes in this world to increase population. If people stop loving opposite gender they will not interact each other emotionally, mentally and physically/, consequently, population will stop increasing.
    But intention of the author is something else. He wants to have peace, harmony, brotherhood and cordial relations. He doesn't like to see hatred, animosity, chaos and social anarchy on this planet. I appreciate his intention. I don't understand why people hate each other. Why we can't live peacefully. We are losing tolerance to each other and religious bigotry is increasing. I see many people who believe in caste system hate lower castes and lower castes also reciprocate the same hatred against higher caste.

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    A good massage has been given by the author, human relationships have always been important, but in the present people are becoming selfish and maintain the relationship till their own meaning, which is involved in wrong behavior. God has given us the gift of humanity, for this, various emotions have been sown within us and from time to time those feelings come in their own form. Love is such a feeling which can make a person of any culture, language or country, caste, etc. feel your feelings. Love is the only bond that is capable of keeping the bonds of humanity strong.

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    @ 737909 Mr. Arafatuzaffar: This is not about population increase. It is all about loving others and accepting them irrespective of religion, region, and nationality.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Loving each other is the epitome of living in good society and those who have the tendency to respect each other and go sober with their give and take policy are proven to be winners of long way. When we have no right to abuse others for no reason, we have no right to hate also. If we do not like a person or persons, keep away from them and never pass rave remarks against them and that would lead to good life. When animals are bonding with other genre then why not the human beings. We are having one life in this world and let us use the same for the good cause and good purpose and not for confronting.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I appreciate your sincere intention to see an excellent society where everybody lives peacefully. Your views corroborates idea of cosmopolitanism and philenthropism. But it is bitter reality that everything is not possible what we have desired. Social scenario is being changed by powerful forces which have vested interest and in the name of ordering they are on the mission to disorder everything. How to figure out in this situation, sometimes, people like me get obfuscated. I always have an eye on positive aspects of every issue though but negativity is overpowering positivity around us. Sadly, this negativity is suffusing across the globe.

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    Love is a divine entity. If we learn to love the fellow beings then this world will become a heavenly place. Unfortunately every one is like that and many of us have ill feelings and hatred for others. There could be multiple reasons for such feelings but they are there and due to them the people continuously offend others and fight with each other. They will make some excuses based on religion or politics or culture or any other thing but fact is that this evil trait is already residing deep inside these people and it will surface out time to time. Another problem is some leaders who have vested and selfish interests instigate common people for violence and offences and that is also one prominent cause of making this world devoid of the love. Until everyone understands the power of love it is very difficult to have it in the society in a big way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A very good post from the other bringing in the importance of love for a peaceful living on this mother earth. We are all human beings and we should learn to love each other so that we will not have hatred towards anybody. That is the ideal situation. We all know that nothing matches Ideal conditions. We studied in our physics what should be an ideal gas but no gas is an ideal gas under normal conditions. The same is the case with human beings.
    This is possible when we try to understand the problems of the others also as ours. When we start looking at the problems of others from their point of view only we can appreciate them. But how many of us will do that. Even though we want to get good with the other person, he should also think in similar lines and extend his friendly hand to us. What I meant to say is that this should be two way not one way. The world is getting crowded with selfish and greedy people. Such people always try to divide people and enjoy the fruits. That is the main problem these days for intolerance and hatred that we are seeing around.

    always confident

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    It should be everyone's intention to have a peaceful and harmonious society so that not only us but the future generations also have a good society to live in. The conditions as of today in society are deteriorating. In order to improve the conditions, we have to remind ourselves from time time, the necessity of developing a loving nature in human beings. The present conditions not only in our country but all over the world need to be improved.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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