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    Good communication is the gateway to your success

    Communucating and communication is the great subject and we must get proficient over it as good communication paves way for great success. You may have some good traits and habit but that should be made known to others through your best way of communicating the same. Even those who do not know the langauge has the abilty to convey the best through gestures and others do understand. Likewise children also try to convey their wants through gestures and that need to be understood. A good communication should not confuse but should convince.
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    There will not be any disagreement in the author's statement. Communication is the most vital in inter-relationship.
    Good communication skill only can make the listener/reader/observer understand correctly and with the indented effect what we want to communicate.

    Recently I saw a videoclip which showed how our dents, even some of who scored high grades in languages, did not possess proper communication skill and hence could no succeed in interviews for jobs. Selling new ideas and finding a sponsor also needs good convincing and hence good communication skills.

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    Good communication is a great quality that attracts listeners. I know some people who are experts in wordcraft. They know how to tame a person with their sweet words. Good communication needs correct use of words, sweetness in voice and tone of expression etc and it makes communication effective.
    There was a young man in our mohalla. He had borrowed huge sums from various people. We would see people (who'd lent him money) coming to his home for asking about their debt. They would complain to other people quite angrily and when any of those money lenders would come his home and would knock at the door. He would come out and would take him in but after meeting he (the moneylender) would come out of home with him quite happily. An interesting aspect of that borrower was that he would not run from meeting money lenders, he would always convince them. without giving them any money.

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    Communication is one of the important aspects of life. Without communication one can be considered as deaf, blind or dump though they have two eyes, two ears and one mouth. These three parts are essential for a good communication.
    What is important in communication is - " Always respond to a call immediately". Never delay, never ignore, and be attemptive. This is what being taught in the school of communication.

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    Communication is very important and a person who can communicate properly will prosper better in his life. This topic has been discussed many times and many members gave their views on this. Communication is a two-way process and both should be on the same frequency to make the communication effective.
    These days how you present yourself is very important. What you know is not important these days but how you present yourselves is more important. Our way of communication should be such that the receiver will get the message what you want to convey.
    In this present competitive world, many people are getting qualifications and looking for a job. But people who have professional skills, as well as communication skills only, are flourishing in their careers. These days many online institutes are coming which are training the people to improve their communication skills.

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