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    What are the long term impacts of lockdown on education sector

    Though the pandemic Covid 19 and resultant the lockdown has affected every one and every sector, is impact on education sector is more far reaching. This also has resulted in some innovative developments or speeding up universal usage of prior reforms.

    Apart from impacting the psychology and attitude of students and children there will be some long term impact also. That will be having wider ramifications. Students undergoing final or pre-final years in important qualifying courses lost their two years. They had to make with alternatives like online classes and either forgo exams or have it in a much shortened namesake form. This has its effect in further course admissions, career choices and employment efficacies. Students who were to have been admitted in the first standard in schools or first year of two-year courses did not get the luck o sit in those classes.

    Taking up discussion we can discover larger canvas of long-term impact in this regard. Members can contribute their views and experiences and proceed with the discussion.
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    What the author said is right as we are going through the tough time in the education sector which unable to bring plan B to combat the Covid pandemic and students who are now habituated to get promoted without writing exam and the students are not at all attending the so called online classes which has become the ornamental conducting and no seriousness between the students and the teacher. And those who have passed are given the covid passed tag on the memorandum of marks and that has no recognition or guarantee in future in Universities or foriegn education portals.
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    Because of this pandemic, we have suffered a lot in many areas and the education sector is the worst-hit area after the finance sector. Especially primary school students are facing a big problem. They are not able to concentrate on their studies. Once their basics are not strong and the foundation is not strong, they may not get good knowledge and may not have a good standard. The standard of education will also comedown. \

    This impact will be there on the students for the next 10 years minimum. Even though online classes are being conducted, science and engineering students will not be able to get the required skills through this mode. The students who passed out their final year and looking for a job also may not be considered for a position in standard companies. The students who are getting qualified in technical courses will not have sufficient exposure to the equipment and handling and they may feel difficulty in coping up with the job requirements.

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    Due to prevalence of the pandemic situation, we are facing all sorts of problems such as removing the staff, closing of malls resulting in the job loss of the staff. In the education sector, the students are forced to attend the online classes where the students initially showed their interest in such classes but later they lost their interest in the subjects being taught since their doubts remained unresolved many times. This could not have happened in the regular mode. The examination could not be conducted due to the pandemic situation but the aspirants were promoted to next higher classes. The date of conducting of examination for Boards, Universities have been differed to keep the students safe. For the students appearing for medical or engineering tests have been differed. This would further delay their results.They are even uncertain when the results will be published. One more drawback of the online classes are that big the students receiving engineering education are not getting adequate practical exposure essential for them to be proficient in the practical area.

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    The author has raised a burning issue that has been discussed in various forms on the forum though but in this thread, he has raised his concern about the impact of coronavirus on education. The impact is visible on students. They are wasting their time on useless or unhealthy activities. I hear people complaining that their children are spending their time on mobile only. Although online classes have been started the students are not giving their full concentration on their studies. Young boys are seen playing cricket on the ground. Small children who are studying in government schools are wasting their time while playing in the streets. However, some private schools have made arrangements for primary classes also but most of the schools have yet to start online classes. Examinations were held for formalities and students were passed without appearing at the examination also. When students are promoted to the next class without appearing at the examinations how they will study in further classes without proper knowledge?

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    The situation of lockdown, which has been in place for a year already, is bad and is also a big concern for the students. The online educational system is currently not in such a form that it can bring education to the level that can be brought by offline. I have found in the children in my family that they have been promoted to the next classes but their level of knowledge should not be that much. Similarly, if children continue to take online education from home, then they may face many problems related to the syllabus in the upcoming classes, as their basics are not cleared as much as it should.

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    The pandemic has brought a big shift in our education system and if this threat stays for a longer time then many basic things are going to change in the society and out of the most effected disciplines one is the education sector. Education is the primary tool for creating the workforce of tomorrow and if education is not imparted in a proper way the students will not be geared up to take the responsibilities in the future in an effective way. This is a matter of great worry for the educational planners of any country and that is the reason why online education has suddenly come to such notice and has quickly rose to the phenomenal levels. At the same time we all know that the online education is not able to provide the complete learning experience to the students and they definitely miss the social and extracurricular activities of a physical schooling which is required for a complete personality development. These are the some adverse affects of the lockdown and online education that we are observing in the short time but if it continues for long then definitely more damages could be seen in this respect.
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    Now there has been a talk about extended lock down and in that case the mentality of children need to be taken care off as already since 18 months the parents are unable to control the children indoors, no outing nor meeting their friends and thus without even seeing the school for months together the children mental ability goes for the toss and the scientists , researchers are grouping to find ways and means as to how the children must be dealt with new challenges ahead. And the most affected where the working class parents as they need to attend their office, cannot leave the child at home and and for many there is no facility of work from home, nor they have the elders to look after the children and in that case the wards are feeling more insecure and detached from the main steam of living and that would affect their health.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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