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    Living mentally sharp must be the target as we grow elder

    There is a tendency of memory loss for those who are elders and they feel lost in this world as they cannot recollect the old golden memories of their life and that is because they have failed to keep their mind sharp. Though our elders are not exposed to modern gadgets in those days, their knowledge digging in many aspects made them popular and most sought after but over the passage of time they tend to forget what is learned as they failed to even jot it down somewhere in their books. So living mentally sharp is the must as we grow elder.
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    As we grow old we start feeling weakness in us- physically as well as mentally. It is a natural process. However, we may try to keep ourselves fit and healthy by doing exercise daily, taking balanced diet, consulting doctors for health issues etc.
    The author has pointed out that we come to know about new things and activities, moreover, learn how to use them but when we stop doing those activities or using those things we begin to forget how to do those activities with perfection and how to use those gadgets as we used to do earlier.
    It is not an important issue for a person in old age what he still can do, the important thing is that he/she should not give up. He/she should not be a burden on others. I would recommend you to watch an old movie of Rajesh Khanna and Shabana Azmi- Avatar. It depicts real picture of our society in which Rajesh Khanna becomes an icon for all old people. He encourages them never to give up and keep on working and learning new things.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent point for the senior people to retain their memory- power even at the ripe old age. Though it may appear difficult sometimes since memory loss is dependent upon the family- history apart from age - advancements. This can be arrested to a considerable extent with our attitude to retain the materials. Sometimes seniors may take up the revision of such materials so that the materials already learnt remains intact. The should have lively company where the members remain interested to share their knowledge. Moreover, to retain their memory, the seniors may use Brahm Rasayan along with milk once in the night to enhance their memory power. Adequate sleep can reverse the memory loss. If sleep pattern is poor, they may consult physicians to remedy this situation.

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    Memory is very important and naturally, it may come down as we grow older. But it will happen generally in their 80s and 90s only, I feel. We will definitely have good memory till we attain an age of minimum 80 years. To keep up our memory we should keep our mind active always with some good thoughts. There is a popular saying that age is for the body only but not for the mind. So we should always keep ourselves happy and keep our minds clean and should not keep unnecessary and negative thoughts. Then we will definitely retain our good thoughts and memory fresh always. Another aspect is to continue reading without fail as much as possible. Anyhow, as we grow old we can't go for much physical activity. But if we continue reading we can keep our mind active and an active mind will never forget the issues easily. Another point is healthy eating. Eating good soft food and not going for junk food will definitely improve our remembrance power.
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    A very good thread has been presented by the author, it is true that it is a natural process to forget the memories of a person with age, but it is also true that our elders have a huge store of knowledge that should be shared as much as possible. Today my grandfather discusses many things about childhood and youth days, and he also shared his knowledge of the history of India with us. But as the author mentioned I agree with him that we should keep ourselves sharp mentally with growing age, because everyone is not so lucky that remembered all the old memories.

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    When a person grows old his faculties also start weakening whether it is the physical or mental. It is said that by keeping a healthy life style and consuming healthy foods one can overcome this threat to quite s good extent. But old age is like that and we do not know when the ailments will catch a person due to aging process and one eventually falls weaker and weaker day by day. Old people have a large store of experience and knowledge with them but once their faculties start becoming weak they are not in a position to use that expertise except giving opinion or advice to others. So, old age is a big challenge in many respects and one of the main worry is losing memory and comprehension. One has to try the methods suggested by the experts in this matter as well as take the prescribed supplements for combating the old age threats.
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